Product Review-Limited Edition Summer Bronzing & Blush Compact

Limited Edition Summer Bronzing & Blush Compact

DISCLAIMER: I have not been paid by Clarins, I’ve used Clarins for a few years and I wanted to see what they were going to bring out in their new summer collection.


Good afternoon! How are you today Little Ones! I thought that today I would give you a beloved product review, since it’s been a while, and I really enjoy writing about new products I’ve discovered. As per usual I will be 100% honest, I’ve not been paid to do this, and I wasn’t sent this product on behalf of Clarins. If you are a beauty junkie, or just enjoys reading reviews, then have a scroll down below! I hope you have a lovely day! 

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Can we all just take a moment and appreciate the sheer beauty Clarins have put into this product! If I had to really pick at it, I would rather it be made out of glass than plastic, but for durability, and the fact that I’m extremely clumsy … It’s best that it stays in plastic packaging.
I love that it’s round, in my opinion it’s more appealing and easier to store and fits in perfectly with their Summer collection; if you really want to get an analytical point of view; the sun is round and so is this palette, sun interlinks with summer … Yes we get the point, Amy please move on.
In regards to size, it’s massive, but that’s another reason why I purchased it, as I knew that the product beneath the packaging would be totally worth it, and my assumptions stand correct. Now what should I mention? Ah! The stunning illustrations on the front evidently! It’s so creative, Clarins really thought outside of the box, unlike other make-up companies they keep to the same plain packing; whereas Clarins stepped up their game in the limited edition season. I adore that it’s a burnt orange colour, really ties into the Bronze Goddess appeal. But the beauty doesn’t stop there ladies and gentlemen … I was shocked with amazement when I opened compact, I was met by pure art from talented heavenly craftsmen at Clarins. They managed to duplicate the impressive illustrations in the bronzing powder! Which was frustrating and impressive at the same time; simply because I knew that I had to ruin it at some point … Obviously destroying my make-up heart.
On the other hand, I love that they have interjected a massive mirror in the centre of the compact, it makes it easier for me to travel with, as I won’t have to take an additional mirror with me. Plus it adds to the expensive appeal that Clarins promote.
Just to add, one tiny aspect that I love about this product, is that it clips in perfectly, it stays put, unlike magnetic compacts, they can become loose after a long period of time; whereas you have to pry this open to get the product.


The powder is creamy like butter, so easy to blend and work with! You can use it with a brush or beauty blender, whatever you find easiest, use. I will say that a little goes a long way, so be careful when packing it onto a brush especially. It gives such a natural glow and would suit all skin types. When I first saw this product, I thought it would be too warm for my pale skin, bur when I tried it out in store I fell in love with how it modified my colour correction, and gave me such a natural sun-kissed appearance. 
The blush on the other hand is okay, but if I had that in a separate pan I would be disappointed with the outcome, I have no idea if this batch was packed too tight; but I really struggle getting a vast amount of blush onto the brush. As you can see in the image above, the bronzer came out really pigmented, and that was with one swipe. Whereas, I had to put some elbow-grease into getting the blush out, and the end result was really sheer; which is great for when I want a natural look; but if I want anything more it’s just not happening unfortunately. 
On the other hand, the staying power of this product is fantastic, it lasts at least 4 hours and at most 8, but it depends on the day. For example, I applied this to my face when it was sweltering outside and it lasted 4 hours, it faded due to the heat but I’m surprised it stayed for that long as I was sweating so much. But if the weather is cooler; this product can last for 6 hours plus, which is amazing! But that’s just the bronzer, I can’t say too much about the blush as it’s already very subtle, maybe if it was more pigmented I’d be able to analyse it more, but I’m assuming that it stays on my face.  


Now it all comes down to price, is it worth the money? I say hell yeah! This beauty retails for £30, but you get a vast amount of product! Have you seen the size of the pan? You could knock someone out with it! Anyhow, what I’m trying to say, is that you get a lot for what you pay for, and it’s really high quality. You get a blush and bronzer compact, which are both stunning products! If I could change it I would just have the bronzer, as I prefer a more pigmented blush; but if you mix the two products together, it’s divine. 
It’s all up to personal opinion, if you want to treat yourself to a luxury bronzer, I highly recommend this one! But if you don’t want to folk out this amount of money, which is quite a lot on one product, there are plenty of dupes out there for you, Sleek being a great alternative. 
Any how, if you are interested in buying this little beauty, then click the link below! They are only limited edition which is really frustrating! But by the time the new one comes around, you’ll be out of this one. 
I hope you all have a lovely day, and I will see you all again very soon! Also I have a big announcement to make shortly! Stay tuned for that! Stay safe and I love you all Little Ones! 🙂 x x x 

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