Kerastase Discipline Shampoo Review

Kerastase Discipline Shampoo Review

DISCLAIMER: I have not been paid by Kerastase, I purchased this product with my own money. I needed to find a new shampoo for curly thick hair, and this worked it’s magic.

Hello and welcome to another review! I’ve discovered a new love and of course I wanted to share it with you lovely people! What are your plans? I’ve just finished watching stranger things season one! Oh my gosh I’m obsessed, if you haven’t seen it, watch it! Season two is coming out in October, I can’t wait! Anyhow, if you adore hair products, (and your hair is way out of control), you will love this!

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As you all know by now, I’m a packaging addict! If it looks pretty I’m suckered into buying it … I know it’s a bad trait, but I can’t help it. Come on though, it’s rose gold! Where have you ever seen rose gold shampoo packing? I can guarantee you’ve never seen it! If you have you’ll understand why I’m obsessed. Anyhow, I find the matte bottle and shiny rim around the lid so elegant and eye-catching. It beats the typical colour scheme of: blue, white and red. Kerastase is highly innovative, and their packaging reflects how well their products perform, believe me I’ve been using their merchandise for a number of years; and I’ve always been impressed with the quality of the design and the performance. In addition to this, I love how they’ve maintained the same font, simply because you can differentiate their brand from all the others, as well as keeping their sophisticated image. They are consistent throughout, which makes not only me, but their loyal customers devoted to the brand; too big of a change and it can make people run in the other direction. On the other hand, Kerastase colour co-ordinate hair type, for example rose gold is for curly thick hair, whereas dry hair is an emerald green. It helps customers remember what colour to go for, instead of reading the small print and getting confused and impatient. I think that’s enough about packaging don’t you think? Let’s move onto the performance! 


Here to the main event! Does it actually work? From all the positive connotations, yes it does work, but I don’t know if it’ll work for all hair types. From my perspective I have exceedingly thick hair, to the point where I have to get my fiance to brush the back; it actually hurts my arms. For a while I was using Kerastase damage shampoo, and I enjoyed it, but the formula was too dense and didn’t distribute as well as I’s hoped. So I went back to the drawing board and tried something new, which is why this review is being written. Let me just say, Kerastase really nailed it on the head with this unruly hair shampoo! It’s creamy in consistency, and the lava level is out of this world! It’s reaches to the scalp and the ends of your hair, it feels squeaky clean and smells beautiful! Although when I saw the bottle I was sceptical, simply because it wasn’t very big in comparison to my other shampoo package. But a little really does go a long way, which is fantastic. I’ve owned this product for just over two months, and I haven’t even gone through half; I wash my hair 2-3 times a week, so I’m not going easy on the product either. I believe that by the end of October it’ll disappear, and yes I’ll be repurchasing the same shampoo, it works well for me, so why not.


Now the dreaded price, something that people hate. Is it a lot of money? You can make the decision based on: how much you need the product, and how care-free you are with your money. You earn it, purchase whatever you fancy. I purchased this from my local hairdressers Stonehills, and retailed for £18.60; which is the same price online. Now some people may say, wow that’s a bit excessive, in my opinion, no. I was searching for the perfect shampoo that could really clean out my hair, and reduce frizz, this product does that 100%; it makes it easier to brush when soaking wet and damp, (which Chris loves). In addition to this, as mentioned previously, it’s lasted me over 2 months, and I haven’t even used up half of the product. If this is too much for you there are plenty of drugstore shampoo’s out there, Aussie is a great alternative; but I do prefer my Kerastase to be perfectly honest. 
If this product is grabbing your attention and you wish to purchase it, click the link below and have a little wonder. 
Anyhow, this is now the end of my blog post! I have something else coming out tomorrow! It’ll be in the advice category, and I’m also planning on making a YouTube video as well; so keep tuned for that! I hope you have a wonderful day, I will see you Little Ones tomorrow! I love you all so very much! x x x 

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