Product Review-Clarins Hydra-Essentiel SPF 15

Clarins Hydra-Essentiel SPF 15 Moisturiser 

DISCLAIMER: I have not been paid by Clarins, I’m a personal lover of the brand and just want to share my personal experience and opinions with you. 

Good afternoon! How have you all been? I’ve been incredibly busy, which will all make sense shortly I promise! I can’t believe the summer holidays is over! September already! I’m hoping you’ve enjoyed the sunshine, if not then the rain! Please let me know what you’ve all been up to, it’ll put a smile on my face! Anyhow, you are all here for a review, are you not? If skincare is one of your beloved subjects, then you’ll enjoy this read.

P.S, I didn’t misspell Essential in the title, it’s the way Clarins have spelt it!

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Let’s jump in shall we? We all know Clarins as sophisticated yet refreshing, and this product screams those phrases! I’m a massive fan of Clarins skincare, more so than their make-up line, but they nailed this product on the head. I’m sucked in by packaging, first impression are incredibly significant to me, if it looks great I’m going to buy it … Is that a bad thing? Not always, but you can’t just judge a product by looks, it could seem fantastic and then when you use it, FAIL … But this wasn’t the case for me, it’s perfect and I will tell you why later on.  Any how, I’m drifting away from the main topic … When I submerged the moisturiser from the box I was memorised by the calming blue shade, it’s so crisp and refreshing, reminds me of the waves and automatically puts me in a content mood … Clarins already knew this piece of information, thus the reasoning of colour, it’s perfect for skincare. When you think of skincare, you think of wanting to be detoxed. On the other hand, the box surrounding the product reminds me of prescription medical creams … Not something I want to think about when applying my morning moisturiser. It’s a little boring, but hey it’s just the box, it’s something I throw out, otherwise it’ll stay in a corner and get lost; plus I don’t need the clutter.


This is the juicy part that everyone has been waiting for! Does it actually work, and is it worth investing in? Yes and yes! But let me give you some facts and reasons why, otherwise what’s the point on a review? In my perspective when I started using it a few weeks ago, the cream is cold to the touch-which I personally adore, because it wakens me up in the morning, and it also cools me down and makes me feel clean. Some people may not like this, but I really enjoy it, but everyone is different, (obviously). Secondly, when you rub this into your skin it feels velvety, glides really easily and not greasy! I’ve tried numerous moisturisers, and when they claim to be “extremely nourishing” they tend to be exceedingly oily; which isn’t the look I’m going for unfortunately. On the other hand, after I’ve applied the product my skin feels silky smooth and I love it! It makes me want to stroke my face for hours on end, although I do make my fiance feel my face afterwards, and he always has the same opinion; “yes your face is really smooth”, it’s not a computer part so he doesn’t care for it. Now what’s left to talk about? Oh yes, the continuous usage! As mentioned previously I’ve been using this product for a few weeks, and a little goes a long way, hence why it looks like I’ve barely used it in the pictures above! I haven’t broken out at all, if anything my skin seems more radiant than ever before, which is outstanding. I have VERY dry skin, and this has kept it in line! I normally have stubborn dry patches around my t-zone, and they have said goodbye! Although something I should mention, this wouldn’t be great for oily skin, I think that’s very obvious but I wouldn’t recommend! I tried it out on my fiance (he has oily skin), and he hated it; he felt uncomfortable and wiped it off almost immediately. Other than that, this would be perfect for normal to very dry skin types.


Now for the final showdown! It all comes down to price … If you don’t mind splurging on expensive skincare this may not bother you; but for others it may. It does retail for £36, which some will say is too expensive, and others will not. Me personally it doesn’t bother me, but simply because I NEED something that hydrates my skin, otherwise it bleeds and cracks; it becomes incredibly painful for me. I can justify spending a great amount of money on moisturisers, simply because it’s a necessity for me. For some of you it will be as well, if you can’t afford this, I would suggest it’s something to save up for. If your skin cracks up in the winter this will be your bestfriend I can promise you that.
If this product is something that you are interested in, then I highly suggest clicking the link below, even if it’s for browsing purposes.
All I know is that it was worth every penny for me, and I will definitely be buying another one when this runs out.

Anyhow, this is the end of this blog post! I hope you enjoyed the read! I will see you again Sunday with an update on how I have been doing this past few months, and what my plans are for the future! I hope you have all had a wonderful day! Stay safe and stay tuned Little Ones! 🙂 x x x 

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