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Good afternoon Little Ones! Due to me moving jobs drastically I’ve gone through an extensive amount of interviews … All of which was successful! It only pondered me to make this blog post, simply because my mother was so proud that every interview I go for, the likely hood of me passing overall is high-which is the case. Not to toot my own horn but I’m very presumptuous of myself, (in the interview world anyway). I thought that writing an extensive blog post on how to pass that interview; would be exceptionally helpful. And for the people that don’t like reading, I’ll be producing a YouTube video in a couple of weeks-just sorting out moving in!
Anyhow, if you would like to know my secrets, as well as a guidance on how to get the job, carry on reading.

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Welcome! I may as well start from my experience. As soon as I turned 16 I started applying for jobs, anywhere and everywhere I could. Walking into the working world without any experience is exceedingly daunting. My birthday is in February, and I wasn’t called into an interview until September, and that was for a Christmas temporary job at Next. I remember being ever so excited, running around the house repeating, “I have an interview”-I can assure you I drove my parents potty; but they didn’t care, because their daughter was moving up, (trying to anyway). But nervous waves took over, how was I going to ace the interview? There are hundreds of people with experience, more mature, how was I going to outshine the other candidates? 
I will answer all these questions in another segment, but these questions are commonly asked, and there’s never a good enough answer. From my perspective, I knew that in order to succeed I had to up my game. 
Over the years it’s become a lot easier for me, if I get called into an interview I know that I can do it. Since working in retail for over 4 years, I have the confidence and experience; but just like everyone else, someone has to start somewhere. A candidate can have all the experience in the world, but it’s the way you present yourself as an individual.  
In current affairs, I’ve had over three interviews in a week … Yes one week! And I was offered all three jobs. Which was wonderful, because I was then able to pick the job best suited for me. And I want you guys to be able to do the same.  


There’s going to be a LOT of reading, so bare with me! No fancy pictures! I just want to make sure you get all the relevant information, because believe me, this works! 


Before you even consider the interview stage, really think about, why you want this job, how it will benefit you, and why you are the perfect candidate. If you can’t answer those questions, that job isn’t for you. DON’T work for a company and “wing it”. Apply somewhere you can see yourself working, you’ll be happier and healthier-mentally and physically. Believe me, I used to love my job, but management changed and it was draining; I came home so depressed, it wasn’t worth it. 
Start doing background information about the company, they WILL ask you. Every interview I’ve had, they’ve always asked me about the company. Don’t ruin your chances by being lazy! And I’m not saying you need to learn 5000 facts. Just the basics, where they were founded, what was their inspiration was, how many stores, main achievements. If you pick three or four topics and remember them well, that’s a foot forward to getting the job. 
Key fact. Remembering is all well and good, but it’s how you present yourself. If you spew out all the information without context or real passion; the interviewer isn’t going to be impressed. Anyone can learn key facts and figures; but it’s how you bring it to life that matters. A way in which you can do this is, when they ask you, “what do you know about the company”? Hit them with a curve-ball, start with an interesting fact, this could be: a key achievement recently, of when they were first founded. They will be shocked that you opened up with something original. Remember, they’ve been interviewing for days on end, they are expecting you to start with, when they were founded and where-everyone does that! I use that basic information as a closing tool, because it still shows that you know about the company, without sounding like you are reading from a text book. 


Interviews are nerve-wreaking, but don’t let the anxiety gobble you up. This is the make or break for you getting the job, if you can’t handle the interview process, they’ll assume that you can’t handle the job, (depending on what you are applying for). In my perspective, when I started,I found it very hard to stay calm; I was so nervous I didn’t think I was able to walk into the store and register that I was here for my interview. But I wanted to be mature, I wanted to make my own money and spend it the way I wanted-my motivation stayed by my side and aided my anxiety. If you look at the bigger picture, and take it seriously you will get the job, experienced or not.
If you have to take something away from you today, this is it. The key phrase here will be motivation and will-power. If I have to repeat this phrase over, and over and over again,I will! I would not be where I am today if I wasn’t for my pure determination. I used to work in a phone company, not naming which one because it’s irrelevant, but when I started out I adored my job. I hit all my KPI’s monthly, me and my manager got on really well. But behind the scenes the pressure was added, and it hit my manager hard, to the point his watch had to tell him to breath. He was wonderful and I couldn’t fault him-but the pressure he would place on his team was depressing. I lost my passion for my job, I cried near enough every-time I came home from work, and it was ruining my relationship with my partner, as he would see me so devastated. 
 It took me 9 months to find a new job, and I stayed in the one that was making me so unhappy, because one, I didn’t want to give up and not earn any money … That is not me, and they aren’t my morals. I will sick through something, no matter how much I despise the situation. I went through 9 months of applying everywhere-but it was either full-time which I couldn’t commit to, or temporary work; which I wasn’t OK with. But eventually, all in one week I was called to three interviews, aced all three, offered three jobs; and managed to pick the one I wanted. 
I’m 20 years old, studying at a great University, and a member of management at a great company.
The reason why I’m saying this, is because in my mind, nothing could get any worse, I was at rock bottom, and I still managed to not only stay there for 9 more months, but I was able to pick my feet up and obtain an amazing job.
The key point is determination. Without that you won’t get anywhere. I can promise you that. If you can graft and stick with something, you will rise to the top, and if you don’t get it the first time, you try again; until you get where you want to be. 


Walking into an interview, all eyes on you … Please don’t slouch. Walk in with a smile on your face, appear happy to be there! This is your time to shine and no one can take that away from you. Shake their hand, ALL interviewers will be impressed with, your manners and professionalism. Sit up straight and keep eye-contact with them. If you are looking around the room, it shows that you aren’t interested … They judge you within the first 10 seconds, so make that time count! 
There are so many facts and features about body language, but do the basics. Such as, when talking, make sure you are clear and confident. You are selling yourself to the company, make them want to buy you! If you believe in yourself, they will gain trust as you as a candidate. 
If you start to stutter, or repeat yourself, it shows that you haven’t come prepared for the interview; and believe me you don’t want that impression to be made! 
And please for the love of God dress smart for the occasion! PLEASE DON’T show up in jeans or trainers … They will notice. Rock out a suit, it doesn’t have to be the most expensive, but just look smart- that’s their expectation, ALWAYS.
Overall Little Ones, I want you all to do your best, and be the best you can be. Competition is hard out there, so make your voice be heard. I’m not saying this is the perfect concoction, but this has worked for me, and I’ve made it through my interviews. 
Again, if you want one word of advice, it’s determination! That’s your sink or float. 
I hope you all have a wonderful day, I’m going to brush this thick hair of mine and get to work! I love you all so very much! Remember I’m going to be making a YouTube video about this topic very shortly so keep tuned for that!
Stay safe Little Ones! 🙂 x x x 

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