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Good evening Little Ones! How has your day been so far? I thought that I would give you another product review, since that’s what you wanted! BUT, I want to get into more baking, so when I’m 100% better you can expect to see more recipes! I have filmed a video on this product, so if you want to check that out, then click here! 
If that’s not your cup of tea feel free to stay where you are, carry on reading! So, without further or do, let’s crack on with the review.







Well hello Dior! This is the only foundation, and beauty product that I own by Dior … First impressions, I’m wowed! Exceedingly elegant, yet simple … I adore the flash of monochrome metal and black contrast; it dazzles just like a star, how fitting?
Dior have remained consistent throughout this entire product, tying in micro detailing, for instance, the initials of Christian Dior placed elegantly on the lid cap; it makes it feel personal, embellished and worth your cash. It’s almost like you have an autograph by Christian Dior.
What else can be said? That’s right, I do love a glass bottle, especially when I’ve paid a large sum of money, my other favourite feature on foundation would have to be, the trusty pump. Thank you Dior for including a pump! I loath nothing more than having to pray that foundation doesn’t spill over my hand; due to NO pump. But as you can tell by the lovely photographs, there is a pump.
Overall, this is a beautiful looking product, defiantly something to place on the mantelpiece. 


Now onto my favourite segment! Does this product work? Well if you have oily skin, this product is going to melt into the skin; (in a good way) … But if you suffer with dry skin, like myself, it’s difficult to work with. BUT, if you prep the skin correctly, this is the PERFECT foundation. Before you apply this foundation, PLEASE exfoliate your skin, I can’t emphasis this enough! If you don’t, this foundation will cling onto your dry patches, and make you question why you even purchased this in the first place. And for the love of God, please prime and moisturise the skin … Just please. Doesn’t have to be the best; but please! After putting in all the hard work, it DOES pay off, this gives your skin such a glow, it looks so healthy, while giving you medium to full coverage. This product lasts around 6 hours, and then you do have to powder; just like other foundations.
Fundamentally, when I purchased this foundation I didn’t get along with it, and I didn’t see the point in prepping my skin … But, it’s such a beautiful foundation, it turned into my favourite, until I discovered my beloved YSL All Hours. But this is a close second, even replaced my Nars Sheer Glow, and we all know how much I loved that foundation.
Just to mention, the shade range is fantastic, I purchased the shade, Ivory 010-which is the lightest shade they had available. It suited me, it was slightly too dark, but when I apply concealer on top, you can’t notice. I am extremely pale, so finding a foundation that suits my skin-tone is a challenge. 


Yes it’s Dior, it’s going to be expensive … But I love the product, and it’s completely worth, £35. This is slightly more than my YSL foundation, which retails for, £33.50. Yes it’s pricey, but if you weigh up all the benefits, you can really get your money out of this product. It took me a while to fall in love with this product; but it was completely worth it. 
If you are curious to purchase this product, I’ll leave a link below for you! 
That is it for today’s blog post, I hope you enjoyed the read, and please do tell me what you want to see next! I love you all so very much, stay safe and stay tuned Little Ones! 🙂 x x x 

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