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Good afternoon Little Ones! Now that I’m wide awake, I thought that I would start the day with a good old fashioned blog post! I’m currently sitting up in bed, trying not to sneeze on my laptop; yes the flu has taken over me, but I’m perusing on! I took to Instagram and Twitter, and yet again you wanted a product review, so I’m giving you just that. I’ve already filmed a video on this product; if you want to watch that then click here! If not you might as well stay here! Anyhow, let’s get on with the blog post!







Well hello! Their iconic oak tree stables Origins, it’s simplistic yet pristine, it doesn’t appear to be cheap in the slightest; maybe medical? But that’s not a bad trait to obtain, especially  for a skincare company. Is it the BEST packaging I’ve seen? No, but it’s definitely not the worst, it’s simple, that’s all there is to it I’m afraid, if you came here for an essay in this department, your going to be disappointed. But something I will mention about the packaging aspects is the tube, and funnel … The tube makes it easy to travel with as it’s not bulky or awkward to pack. In relation to the funnel, (where the product comes out of); it’s the perfect size, that may sound strange; but I’ve used other products where it’s TINY; and it takes FOREVER to squeeze the product out of the container. But I don’t have that issue with this, it”s something so slight; but for me that could ruin the overall performance of the product. 


Now onto the main event! How does this product perform? Let’s say a little goes a long way, I’ve had this product for nearly a year, and I use it at LEAST once a month, and there’s still more than half in the container; so if you are hesitating at the price, this will last you for at least a year, so keep that in mind.
Once applied to the skin it feels refreshing, and there’s no pungent aroma attached either. I know with some skincare products this can be a massive issue, but not with this product. When applying the product it glides on like a dream, doesn’t clump up, and doesn’t slide off the skin; it stays put! A short amount of time on the skin and it starts to tingle, but it’s not painful, the only way to describe it, is that it’s doing something to the skin; without causing irritation to the skin, eyes, nose or mouth area.
After around the 10 minute mark the mask it utterly dry, but it doesn’t make your skin feel like the desert; which is always a plus. When it’s time to take it off, you have to remove it with a wet towel or you will have to stand in the shower for a while; making sure there are no bits still attached to the skin-believe me I’ve been there.
Now for the part you want to hear … When you run your hands over you face, it feel SO SMOOTH! It removes the dead layer of your skin, as well as getting into the pours and cleaning them out. If you have any spots, they disappear within a few days, honestly it really works, I had a beast on the side of my neck, and it went away within 3 days. But the result after I’d just taken the mask off, the spot had become less swollen, and the redness was nearly gone.
I’ve been using this mask for quite some time, and it never let’s me down! 


Now for the price reveal, before I state how much this is, you have to remember, if you suffer with severe acne you’ve probably spent hundreds of pounds to improve the skin. This products comes to a grand total of, £25. Which isn’t too bad, it lasts nearly a year, controls acne, doesn’t irritate the skin, and generally works.
Like I’ve mentioned in other blog posts, I’m not here to say if this is too much, or too cheap; whatever you feel that’ll work for your skin, you can spend as much or as little as you want. This is just my personal opinion, and in my opinion it’s worth the money, it’s worked for me, and my partner; who does suffer with exceedingly painful acne.  
If you are curious to purchase this product, I’ll leave a link below for you! 
That is it for today’s blog post, if you have any recommendation then please do let me know.
I love you all so very much, stay safe and stay tuned Little Ones! 🙂 x x x 

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