Product review: DIY powder to clay detoxifying mask

Yesto tomatoes detoxifying charcoal DIY powder-to-clay mask review

Good evening Little Ones! I have a new review/first impressions blog post today! The skincare company Yesto kindly sent me a few products! Before you jump to conclusions, I haven’t been paid, I reached out to them, and I honestly didn’t expect them to get back to me … But here I am writing a review! If you love Yesto products then you will adore this review! If you don’t fancy reading then click here for my YouTube video! Sit back and relax and enjoy yourself. 

First things first … How adorable is the packaging! When I first discovered Yesto their packaging is what captured my attention … They’ve still maintained their innovation, (in my opinion). I find it sleek, professional, and down right creative! Yesto, you really nailed the packaging game. I find the paper sachet: compact, durable and mess free, once your done you can throw it away; without having to worry about the mess. Something that I didn’t take a picture of was what came inside! But I did take note of this in my video! Within this little wonder you get: the charcoal mixture, a spatula and a paper bowl. Which some people may think is a waste of time. I think it’s genius! You don’t have to ruin your home-ware, you have it all in this package! Again, no other skincare brand does this; (not that I’m aware of anyway). On the other hand, in terms of the spatula it comes in handy. At first, I thought it was a waste of time, but it really helps when applying the face-mask, and it gets into hard to reach areas, for instance, the side of the nose.Something else that I find helpful, is that this product comes in two sizes, the one in this blog post, (travel size); and in a larger pot, for when you want to treat yourself to a home treatment once in a while. The fact that Yesto have thought about all their customers’ needs and expectations is why I am loyal to them, and why I continue to purchase their products. 


Now to the main event, this is why you are all here! The product, does it work? From my experience yes! Now let me tell you how! First and foremost, the fact that you have to make this, makes me enjoy the experience even more, as it’s something I’ve created, all you have to do is add water, and any personal ingredients you want, and BOOM you have your very own face mask. That alone for me, is a very enjoyable experience.
Fundamentally, when you apply this to the face, it glides on like butter, and it doesn’t slide off your face! Which is amazing, as I don’t have to worry about the mess afterwards. It doesn’t burn the undereye area, and doesn’t irritate your skin. I left this on for a whole 20 minutes, and it was a pleasant experience. Of course, it’s going to tighten, but that’s expected with a face treatment. BUT the after effects is what won me over! When I took this off, (which is super easy), my skin felt so damn smooth! My skin was glowing … Yes glowing! None of my other facemasks did this! And they are more than double the price! I can’t even explain how amazing my skin felt, I wish you could’ve touched it! But based off of how beautiful the overall outcome was, I would highly recommend this wonder of a product! 


I think you might faint when I tell you how much this retails for … £2.99. Let me give you a moment to catch your breath. That’s for the travel size, but if you want to larger container, that comes to the grand total of, £11.99, but is currently on deal at Boots for £7.99. Even so, £11.99 … That’s tremendous, and it’ll last such a long time! A little goes a long way with this product. Again, I can’t tell you what to buy and what not to buy, but if I had to recommend something, this would be the ideal product! I rate this over my Origins Gin Zing face mask … And I thought that was my holygrail until I found this. Price isn’t always everything Little Ones.
If you are interested in purchasing this product then please do click the links below! I’ve already put the two sizes there for you.
Sadly, this is the end of my blog post, but I will see you again in another one soon! I love you all so much! Remember to stay safe and stay tuned! x x x 

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