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Good morning Little Ones! Here is another product review, I’ve already filmed a video on this product, if you want to watch that as well, then click here! If you don’t fancy that, then you might as well stay here. I’ve received a tone of requests to write a review on this baby, so that’s what I’m doing. Sit back, relax and get on to reading!




YSL nail it again … This will always be mentioned, as I’ve still yet to come across something that doesn’t appear marvellous. Why not start with the uni-carton? Iconic golden goddess, how can you not resist? It simmers, and almost gravitates you to hold the product … I’m a packaging addict so this is a problem to me; anyone else feel the same?
Now onto the foundation packaging! This foundation is coated in an eloquent matte glass bottle, something I’ve never seen from YSL before, they usually come packaged in a shiny glass component, but that;s something I love about this brand; they always switch it up and keep you on your toes. On the other hand, they’ve kept it simple, adding the harsh noir line makes it the centre point; and it’s smart that they’ve integrated the line and placed the name of the foundation; this clearly differentiates each foundation that YSL produce. 
In relation to the cap, I wish it was metal, instead it’s plastic … It doesn’t match the matte glass, it’s almost out of place. They’ve created such an opulent component, and finished it with a plastic lid; it doesn’t ruin it completely; but they could’ve kept the metal lid aspect. But if that’s the only flaw I can find; it’s not the end of the world.


Firstly, my shade is BR10, COOL PORCELAIN, this is the lightest shade they offer … Yes I know I’m rather pale, (not a shock). With me, finding a shade that actually matches my skin is a nightmare! But this YSL All Hours Foundation is PERFECT! The match is incredible, this foundation does oxidise so be careful and make sure you get colour-matched. 
When you initially pump this foundation to the back of your hand, it pours out like liquid velvet … Sounds odd, but if you purchase this product, you’ll know exactly what I mean. The formula isn’t so watery that it runs down your hand, but it’s not so thick that it feels uncomfortable, it’s literally the perfect consistency. Thus, when applying it blends out like a dream, I had no issue covering my entire face, and if I needed to layer, it wouldn’t cake up or go patchy. 
Something that I should mention is that this is a matte finish, so it’s not meant for dry skin, but seeing that I’d fallen in love at the counter, I purchased a hydrating primer which coincided with this foundation. I have very dry skin, to the point where it flakes, (beautiful right?), without this primer, this foundation does settle into my dry patches and enhances them … Not the best look, BUT if I use the primer I don’t have this issue. 
In relation to longevity, it lasts up to 9 hours, this is without me powdering! But if I was to add powder throughout the day, I could say that this would last 12 hours; it won’t be the most flawless foundation day ever, but it’s still on the skin. 
On the other hand, something else that I should mention, is that this product doesn’t have a scent, which I love! Additionally, it doesn’t make me break out, or irritate my skin … I would know as I suffer with eczema. All in all, this foundation is wonderful, the finish is stunning and it lasts such a long time. Remember if you do suffer with dry skin, just remember to exfoliate and moisturise your face to the max! It does work, but you have to go the extra mile; it’s worth it I promise! 


When I purchased this bad boy, I was lucky enough to have 20% off the original price, as my local John Lewis was conducting a sale! But normally this would cost, £33.50, which is a pricey foundation, it’s the most expensive one I own to date. But who am I to say something is too expensive? Would I repurchase this product at the full price? Yes I would, because it works for me, and it’s worth my money, if you feel different to that, then that’s your opinion. 
The features of this foundation make it worth the high price point, the formula is extremely long wearing, the finish is beautiful, and it even works with my exceedingly dry skin! 
If you are curious to purchase this product, I’ll leave a link below for you! 
That is it for today’s blog post, if you want me to review the primer that goes perfectly with this foundation then I will post that for tomorrows blog post! If not then please do tell me what you want to read next! I love you all so very much, stay safe and stay tuned Little Ones! 🙂 x x x 

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