2017 IS OVER BRING ON 2018



Good evening Little Ones! 2017 has drawn to a close, say hello to 2018! How were your evening celebrations? Great I hope! It was time to take a break from University work, and focus on my true love … My Blog! Let’s kick the year off with what I expect from 2018, and what my personal goals and ambitions are. I have already uploaded a video on this, so if you want to watch that then click here! If not, then carry on reading!


Needless to say, every year entails hiccups, more often than not; but it’s how we deal with those bumps on the road, that help us grow as an individual. In terms of what I expect from 2018, is that it hands me challenges; without leaving a negative impact on me, I also expect a happier surrounding from other people! Nothing is worse than living in a negative aura. 
What else is there to be said in this segment? I’m easily pleased, as long as you respect me, I will respect you. 


Let’s start this section off with my biggest ambition! I want to finish writing my book! I’ve had to pick it up and put it down, I found it hard to manage my time effectively in 2017; but I need that to change for 2018. I don’t want to say “new year new me”; but I do want to turn over a new leaf; and start over. 
For me, finishing writing my book would make me exceedingly happy; if this is the only aim I accomplish, that will satisfy me 100%. 
Evidently I do have other goals I want to achieve, one of those being to, maintain my constant grades for university, and finish my second year with another first. I did it last year, now for repeating it for this year, and in my third. 
Let’s not stop there! I wish to refurbish my entire blog website … I have massive plans around June/July! New designs, illustrations and interaction! I want to be more active on my blog; let’s address the elephant in the room. There were time-frames where I wouldn’t post for months at a time. And I have no-one to blame but myself; I should’ve managed my time, my blog is where I started; and I should have never let it go. But this is the year where I will be posting 3 TIMES A WEEK! MONDAY, WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY! I might even post more, but they are my DEDICATED days; and I WILL NOT break them! I want to be consistent, and grow, I can’t do that without sticking to this.
I love you all so much, and I need to respect that I can’t leave for long periods of time, and expect you to stay loyal. 
Now for the last goal … It’s personal to me, and this may take years, but if I can improve slightly I will be content. I need to PUSH myself to be more social, behind the computer screen, and camera I’m an extremely awkward and timid person. I’ve riddled with anxiety and depression. Not as bad as it has been, I’ve been working on that for years. But it’s effected the way I communicate with others. I want to be able to make friends easier, and some people will read that and think, ‘pathetic’, but I find it so hard to mingle with people. I overshare and trust people too quickly, but I want to be more confident, and not care so much about what people think of me. I have the support of my Fiance, close friend circle, my family and you guys. 
Now let’s work together and complete our goals! We will grab 2018 by the core and kick it’s butt! Why not make it the best year yet?! Let’s do it! 
I hope you enjoyed this blog post, I loved writing it! I love you all so very much, and I will see you Wednesday with a classic product review! Unless you want something different? Let me know! Stay safe and stay tuned Little Ones! 🙂 x x x 

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