Good morning Little Ones! This year I have set myself several goals … And I want to tweak some of them, I want to post more on my blog, instead of three days a week, I’m thinking everyday? I don’t know if I will keep up with this, but I saw how much I posted in 2017; and needless to say… I was utterly disappointed. Only 17 posts last year … How disgraceful. I can inform you, that’s not happening this year! At least I can guarantee at LEAST three a week; but I know loads of you adored me posting everyday, some of my content may be boring? But let’s see what I can come up with.
Now, without further or do, let’s get on with today’s post! Getting over the fear of the dentist!


Just like the majority of you, I’m pretty sure you have a fear of the dentist, and I have mentioned this on my blog before; but I have had horrific experiences at the dentist.
But, just to briefly explain some of my traumatic events: DISCLAIMER IF YOU ARE SCARED DON’T READ THIS SEGMENT.
Where to begin? My dentist was disgusting, EVERY SINGLE TIME I went, she would always comment on how disfigured my teeth were, to the point where I would cry hysterically.
I literally couldn’t help it, I needed braces and I couldn’t get them because my jaw needed to grow; I was stuck with teeth I hated, my biggest insecurity … Her taunting me really didn’t help, (obviously).
Unfortunately, this was the nicest part of my visit … The worst experience I had from this specific dentist, was when I was getting a filling re-done, she drilled behind the WRONG tooth, to which I couldn’t brush properly behind, within a couple of weeks I suffered extricating pain due to an infection settling in.
She mentioned that it was HER fault, and issued me antibiotics for a week. It was then time to visit the dentist, she gave me three rounds of anastetic … She brushed her metal tool against my tooth and I was screaming in pain. The infection still hadn’t cleared, it was consuming the anastetic, I FELT EVERYTHING. 
Instead of giving me more antibiotics to clear the infection, she still went ahead with the tooth extraction. It took 5 nurses to hold me down … By the way, my mother was in the same room, shaking with fear and anger. 
Eventually, I heard a crack … Alongside with the taste of blood in my mouth, when I clambered up, blood poured from above, of which I cried and shook with fear. 
Needless to say, this was the breaking point … I now visit a different dentist? Private, do you blame me?
You are all probably wondering, ‘Amy, how can you get over the fear of the dentist, after all this’, believe me it’s happening. Let me tell you how.


Believe me when I say this, I NEVER thought this was going to be possible until my recent visit at the dentist a week ago. As mentioned previously, I have a new dentist, private because I gave up with the NHS … They had failed me too many times with my teeth alone. 
When it was time, I was chilling in the waiting room … Anxious, tears forming in my eyes, fearing what was about to take place. 
Eventually they called me name … My legs trembled to the point where I nearly collapsed, I saw my dentist, and said, “I’m petrified”.
I told him everything that had happened, and he was repulsed. He explained what he was going to do, (which I never had), and stated that he was going to take his time. 
He was so gentle, everything he did he described, and if he saw me freaking out he stopped until I calmed down. Lucky for me, there was a television above me, which really did aid the anxiety.  
The appointment totalled to 20 minutes, and there was nothing wrong with my teeth.
Normally there is always something, not because I don’t look after my oral hygiene; but because with me being born so premature, my teeth didn’t form correctly. 
After such a positive experience at the dentist, I can now associate something great with something I thought was terrifying. 
Changing perception is key, I think I will still be nervous in six months time, but no where near as bad. I’m so proud of myself, for being brave, and being able to face a fear, I have obtained since I can remember. 
If you’ve had traumatic experiences like me, if not worse, you can get over it, first and foremost, you need to find a dentist which not only explains everything; but is patient and caring towards you. Another thing, you need to get on with them, if you can’t have a giggle here and there; it’s going to be hard to build a great relationship with them; which is what you need.
Especially if you don’t have someone there to support you on your visit, luckily enough for me, I had my fiance with me, which I’m so grateful for. 
Little Ones, this is now the end of the blog post! I hope you enjoyed this one, just a tiny bit of advice? It’s not the longest story, but I will update you every time I visit the dentist, as it’s a growing process; I feel confident that it can only get better. 
This applies to everyone out there with the same phobia … I’m 20 and I still need someone there to hold my hand. Is that embarrassing? Maybe, but I have my reasons, just like all of you. 
I love you all so very much, and I will see you tomorrow! Let me know what you want to read, or I’ll do what I fancy! Remember to stay safe and stay tuned! 🙂 x x x 

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