Good evening Little Ones! I have an exciting new blog post! No it’s not a product review, recipe, or even a haul. As you can tell by the title of this post, it’s a lipstick dupe recommendations! I have been wanting to do this for a while; but seeing that it’s time consuming, I found it hard to find the time to do this to the best of my abilities! But here we are, and I can’t wait to share this with you.
Without any further or do, I present you with my lipstick dupes!




Our first competitor is the Mac liquid lipstick-topped with brandy for  £17.50, this was my first ever liquid lipstick, and it set high standards. The colour is beautiful, the longevity is magnificent, and it suits all skin-tones; to find something half the price was going to be a challenge, (so I thought).
A few months down the line, L’Oreal happened to launch their very own versions of liquid lipsticks; seeing that I was already a fan on their products, I decided to purchase a few from the collection. 
I landed with the shade 219, a stunning purple-grey, but it reminded me of something I already owned, the formulation is great, glides on well but sometimes goes patchy, which isn’t the end of the world; seeing that it was £6.99.
In comparison to the Mac liquid lipstick, the colour is just as elegant, but the formulation wasn’t as easy to apply, and also, it didn’t last as long. But so what if you have to re-apply? If it saves £10, are you really going to fuss? 






First and foremost, my Chanel lipstick in the shade 402 retails for, £28, I originally purchased this when I went to France, and fell in love with it immediately. This was perfect for the christening later on that day, and it lasted such a long time, and even stayed after a huge meal … Which still shocks me, as it’s a glossy lipstick.
When I headed back to the UK, I paraded Boots, since I was growing my lipstick collection, I decided to repurchase a few lipsticks, one of them being the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick, in the shade 03.
Again, I thought to myself, I wonder if that would be similar to my Chanel lipstick, I swatched them side by side, and they were a match! The texture is near enough the same, as well as the colour, (obviously); and they last about the same time. The only main difference between them is the finish, the Chanel lipstick is more glossy, whereas the Rimmel is matte. 


Now we all know I’m not a stranger to reds … But I did start somewhere, and that just so happened to be Estee Lauder pure envy lipstick, in the shade 370, which retails for, £26. I knew what I wanted, and I needed to start the classic red lipstick look; with only the best.
Let me just say, the pigmentation is out of this world, and it lasts all day! Even when you take this beauty off, it leaves a subtle pink glow, which if you are going for a no-makeup look the next day; this is perfect!
Now, when I felt confident with red lipstick, I wanted to branch out to several brands, I landed upon Gigi Hadid’s collection; and everyone was raving about it! So I followed the crowd, and decided to buy a few lipsticks, one I adore, which is the shade Austin … Again, the pigmentation is phenomenal! This is probably the best drug-store lipstick I have ever come across, the only main differences between the two lipsticks is the finish, Estee Lauder is more glossy, whereas the Maybelline is matte. And the fact that the Maybelline lipstick retails for, £8.99, which is a massive saving of over £10, why not go for the cheaper option? 






Well hello there Bareminerals … I love your liquid lipsticks, I just so happen to have quite a few in my collection, the newest edition to the family happens to be flawless. Hello? The texture of this lipstick is so whipped, and it doesn’t dry my lips to hell, like other liquid lipsticks. And the colour range? Absolutely alluring, I have to have them all! (One day)
But that can come to a hasty cost, as these babies come to a total of £18 each, which if you are on a budget, can be a shock. So I was on the hunt for a dupe, for half the price! 
Eventually, I came across Bourjois liquid lipstick range, they had so many enchanting colours, but I decided that 07 was the closest, it was more pink than I wanted it to be; but it was nearly there. Both textures were identical, they were whipped which I really liked, and they both had the same finish, (dried down matte). The only main difference was the staying power, the Bareminerals lasted a lot longer, but the Bourjois only costs, £8.49, which is a fraction of the price, so what if you have to keep applying throughout the day. 
We have hit the end of the blog post, I really enjoyed writing this piece, and if you want to see other dupe products, I have a tonne in my make-up collection; it’s all down to you Little Ones! Whatever you want, I will meet your needs. 
I love you all so very much, and it feels so good to be back writing in my happy place! I will see you again Wednesday! Although, I have been thinking of writing a blog post everyday? What do you think? 
Anyhow, remember to stay safe and stay tuned! 🙂 x x x 
If you are interested in ANY of the products mentioned, I will link them down here for you! 


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