Good afternoon Little Ones! Sun is shining bright in my hometown, and I’m feeling optimistic, I’ve a few days, but tomorrow’s blog post will explain everything. 
Today marks the day where I share another massive insecurity of mine, that so happens to be my eczema. I’ve had this for a  number of years on and off, and recently it’s happened to flare up … Why? I ask it time and time again, doesn’t feel like giving me an answer. 
To ensure you are keeping up to date with my daily blog posts, click here to read more! Without any further or do, let’s roll on my eczema. 




I only realised a few years ago, that numerous red, itchy dry patches, started to emerge on the surface of my skin, it would move sporadically around my arms, chest and neck; but never more than that.
I assumed it was due to a particular shower gel, or body butter, so I kept my cleansing routine simple.
A few weeks pass, and nothing seemed to work, I spoke to my sister, (she suffers with eczema), right away she stated, “wow, you have eczema, you should probably see a doctor”.

Still to this day, I have no idea how or why I managed to obtain this interesting skin condition, but it’s going to stick by my side for the long run.




But, what I have noticed, is that if I feel partially anxious or depressed, it starts to flare up, especially my arm … Once it’s landed it spreads like wildfire. In order for it to disappear I need to calm down, and remain content.
Although, for the past few weeks I’ve been struggling massively with my mental health, no matter how much double-base cream I apply, if I still feel numb; my eczema will remain intact.
Time has past, and it’s starting to die down, I’ve been on new anti-depressants for 48 hours, I feel OK, defiantly calmer, and guess what, my eczema has almost gone! Still dry and slightly painful, but it’s completely disappeared from my neck and collarbone. 






Depending on the type of eczema you have, depends on what treatment is available for you, I suffer with both: atopic dermatitis (chronic and inflammatory-immune system that goes into overdrive), and contact dermatitis, (skin comes into contact with an irritable surface).
Both types can be treated easily with a prescribed double-base cream, I continue to use it until it’s said goodbye, it can take a few days, or a couple of weeks, either way, it will fade away eventually.
I’ve grown accustomed to my eczema, and I’m not afraid to say that it’s who I am, it’s a physical sign to warn me that I need to take a break; which isn’t so bad.
Right Little Ones, that’s for today’s read, I hope you found this interesting, defiantly different for me … I’m sorry that I’ve missed a couple of days. But, as mentioned previously, I will be releasing a detailed blog post with what’s been happening. 
As for now, I love you all so very much! If you have any recommendations, leave a comment down below, or use my social media handles. 
Have a lovely day, and I will see you tomorrow! Remember to stay safe and stay tuned! 🙂 x x x 

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