Good morning Little ones, what have you got planned today? I know that I’m writing this blog post, filming a wacky video, prepping a revision blog post for tomorrow, and continuous food shopping; fun right?

Any how, I’ve recently had my hair cut and I thought that it would be a great idea to write a detailed blog post! It’ll consist of: where I had it done, how much it cost, will I go back, as well as the important factor … Do I like it?
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After months of battling anxiety, it was time for the cut, I never knew how long my hair was, but it was annoying … It would get caught in my armpit as I slept, which meant if I moved my head, tonnes of innocent hair follicles would come with it, (tragic).
Other than that, I wanted a change, I was bored of my hair … I’m in the process or preparing for balayage, the healthier the hair the better. 
I did the typical thing when hunting for a new hairstyle, and hit Pinterest, (who wouldn’t?), I saw the perfect length, but it was literally half of what I had, thinking about it made me anxious; so I took to Instagram and people loved the idea! It made me feel more confident with that I was about to endure. 
I headed to Stonehills and booked an appointment for Wednesday 17th January at 2:30pm. I was committed, nothing but enthusiasm and terror stalked me, until the time was up. 
The day of the appointment rolled around, I walked through the door, and was sat down in a flash … Shortly after I met the eyes of my hairdresser. He was extremely cool and relaxed, I went through what I was looking for, and he said, “that would look great on you, but I can sense that you are anxious, I won’t cut  that exact length YET, grow accustomed to the idea, and then in several weeks time when you are available, I can cut the other half, how does that sound?”
Automatically, my anxiety disappeared like a wave in the ocean, I loved that he was being so considerate and caring towards how I felt, I’ve visited hairdressers that would have never done that, the fact that he did; made me feel more comfortable with him, and how capable he was at this job. Seeing that he only looked 20, he was talented in the way he approached his customers.
Now time to put his scissor skills to the test.
He asked if I needed any replenishment’s, which I replied, “no thank you”, he took me over to the sinks to wash my hair, (which felt fantastic), we started talking about how I dyed my hair black, and what lead me to make that drastic change, he thought I looked “cool”; which I didn’t take seriously because I’m a loser. We continued the conversation in the cutting chair, he told me personal information about himself, of which we had in common, he loved photography, and adored messy curly hair, which is what I try to achieve when I style my hair, so when I said he could do that, he was extremely pleased. As not many people go for that look.
I let his creativity dance, it was lovely to watch how passionate he was about his job, you don’t see that often enough. 
45 minutes later and it was a new me, I couldn’t express enough how much I adored this new hair style, but I could tell that he was just as content. 
He proceeded to grab my coat and place it gently on me, I walked up to the payment desk and obviously paid for the treatment. Jamie, the name of my hairdresser, concluded with what we were going to do next, which I was so happy with, I couldn’t wait to go a little shorter and start the balayage process again. Overall, I couldn’t be happier, I feel so much better, a little change like a haircut makes all the difference. I can’t wait to see him again, and witness what he does next, his innovation is out of this world. 


I’ve only been loyal to one hairdressers, and that’s Stonehills, I can always trust them to get it right, no matter what level they are ranked at. Normally I don’t mind who does my hair, but now that I’ve gotten to know Jamie, I don’t think I could let anyone else touch my hair.
This isn’t the cheapest place, but I pay a higher price for a reason, you get exceptional service, as well as their hairstyle you want.
For, having my hair cut, washed, blow-dried, and personally styled was a total of, £40. Which is actually quite good, you could argue that Supercuts can do it for £14, but I’ve seen my fiance make that mistake, and they botched his hair … You pay what you get for, and I’m not playing Russian roulette with my hair, thank you very much. 
I think we all know the answer to, ‘will I go back?’ Obviously yes! I’ve been going there for a while, and I’ve never hated what they’ve done. They were ranked number one in my hometown, which if that doesn’t convince you; I don’t know what will. 
Well Little Ones, this is the end of my blog post, I really do hope you enjoyed the read! I will see you tomorrow with an education blog post! Time to get that revision on check! If you want fantastic grades, then stay tuned! I know revision isn’t perfect, but we need to do it! Plus, I’m going to show you ways in which you don’t want to shoot it!
Anyhow, time to say goodbye, but I will see you tomorrow! Remember to stay safe and stay tuned! I love you so much! 🙂 x x x

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