Good evening Little Ones! While my rock-cakes are sitting in the oven, I thought that I would cuddle up to my computer and write a classical blog post.
Although, I’m keeping on the abstract trend, meaning what you are about to read, you’ve never seen before, (on this blog anyway). It’ll consist of me showcasing three different outfits for the winter season, I LOVED doing this, but at first I was extremely anxious. A LOT of patience went into this piece of work,  and I’m ever so grateful for my photographer.
Now enough typing, roll on the montage!














  • Zara cardigan-size 8 
  • Zara stripy cropped jumper-size 6
  • Nike dri-fit running legging-size 6
  • Adidas Originals XPLR RK-Junior size 4
Firstly, I’m all about the comfy lifestyle, 50% of the time, you will catch me wearing leggings with something oversized. But I would like to think it looks stylish? Anyhow, I love the stripes, it adds depth to the outfit, brings it to life … Otherwise I’ll look like a small bin-bag. Whereas my shoes were a recent purchase for my old job, I was on my feet 24/7, so I decided to pick up some new footwear, let’s be real, wearing brogues wasn’t cutting it. I even managed to save 50%, due to the fact I have tiny feet and can still get away from shopping in the junior section … Don’t judge!
Alongside, I paired these with my beloved Nike dri-fit leggings, I’ve had these for around a year? And I still love them to death! They are super comfy, durable and go with anything, I wore these on my 20th birthday and paired it with a lacy top; no one even noticed! (Or they did, and didn’t want to call me out).
With this sort of outfit, I don’t have a care in the world, it’s super casual, rock it around town, food-shopping, or a movie day. It’s perfect for winter, as the jumper keeps all my heat in, while giving me some character. As the old saying goes, black does go with anything, and it keeps you toasty, (absorbing all the heat). Lastly, you can mix this up with anything, so if you are in a rush, bish-bash-bosh, and you are out the door. 

















  • Topshop stripy blazer
  • Topshop orange cami
  • Levi navy 721 High Rise Skinny
  • Clark leather boot heels
Now, the other 50% I’m wearing something like this … What can I say, I love my Levi jeans, and blazers, it’s my stable look, and I rock it. Anything bad about that? Now, time to deconstruct this masterpiece, overall looking at this outfit, I managed to not only interject a flash of colour, but pattern.
I could have gone plain everywhere, but that’s a massive no in my book, NEVER go plain, and NEVER go all pattern … Just no. The plain aspects of this outfit, would be my black Clark boots, Levi jeans, and orange cami shirt. All which coincide with one another, the shoes are so comfy, which you wouldn’t think with a heal, but I can go 6 hours plus with these bad-boys. Again, my jeans I’ve had for a year, and I’m obsessed with them, in my opinion they look better worn in,m when they look brand new, they are too pristine.
As for my top, it’s too cold to wear without anything attached, which is why I paired it with my stripy blazer, it really ties the look together, and because it’s a dark colour it goes with pretty much everything. This is something I would wear if I was meeting one of my friends, or just wanted to dress up a bit while visiting Starbucks; it’s perfect for a little glam, without having to spend hours on planning an outfit. 











  • Asos black lacy shirt-tall collection
  • Levi black 721 high rise skinny 
  • Asos triangle black bra
  • New look lace stilettos

Now, this is something I don’t throw on often, it’s how my outfits would look if I was to go on a night out. It’s sexy, without showing everyone I have a vigina, I personally don’t feel comfortable wearing exceedingly short skirts, or dresses … Not to be frowned upon, I admire their confidence, I just haven’t got there yet. Yes, it’s all black, no surprise there, but black worn in the right environment is perfect, plus it looks great! So flattering and endearing, EVERYONE looks good in black. The shirt is something I normally wouldn’t go for, initially when I saw it online I didn’t think it would suit me … Me and thrills don’t get on, but in this case, I love the originality, and stepping out of my comfort zone boosted my confidence. I paired this with my black Levi jeans, as they are tight fitted, which shows off my legs, but is slightly hidden by the sheer shirt; which introduces a mystery element.
To tie this look together, I added lace boots, which looks magnificent, and I didn’t pay an extortionate amount of money, they were from New Look! All in all, I really love this outfit, and I can’t wait to put this to the test on my 21st Birthday in February. 

This is is Little Ones! I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Being behind the scenes and knowing how much hard work went into this was beyond amazing. I defiantly will be doing more of these! Not on a regular basis, but coincided with the seasons throughout the year. Although if you want occasional ideas for: Birthday, Christening, or baby shower, let me see what I can throw together. 
Anyhow, I’m heading off to edit a video! I love you all so very much, and I will see you again tomorrow with a life update!
Remember to stay safe and stay tuned! 🙂 x x x 

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