Good evening Little Ones! How has your day been so far! I have my week planned out, and it’s looking positive, I’m just hoping that I stay this organised throughout the year! As requested, many of you wanted a review of my current favourite lipstick, and that so happens to be ANOTHER YSL product, which isn’t an issue for me; as I adore their products. If you want to read a detailed review on this wonder, then keep on reading.




Yet again, YSL never fail to satisfy me when it comes to their beautifully packaged products, depending on the finish of the lipstick; determines the design. Their matte lipsticks are protected by a block of illuminating gold; with the classical YSL emblem, portraying that this is their creation. Again, that doesn’t take my by surprise, this is their image: clean, elegant and captivating. Seeing this golden goddess in your make-up creation makes you feel proud, it stands out from the crowd. 
On the other hand, the lid comes off effortlessly, but ensures proper protection if you were to drop this lipstick. If I had to critique, I would suggest that they put the colour of the actual lipstick at the bottom,l this way it makes it easier to differentiate what the colour is, whereas you have to read the shade name to ensure that you have the right lipstick.
Other than that, this lipstick gets a 10/10 on presentation, little is more in this industry, in my opinion any way.


Now to the main event! Over the years I have equated an array of lipsticks, I know the features that make a fantastic lipstick, vice-versa. The elements that ensure you have the perfect lipstick entail: long staying power, high pigmentation, comfortable to wear, easy to apply and doesn’t bleed. You’ll be pleased to know that this YSL lipstick in the shade 219 ticks all the boxes. When I first applied this lipstick, it went on like a dream, it’s exceedingly soft and creamy; which is strange for a matte lipstick. The diamond shape applicator made it really easily to apply, and managed to reach the awkward places of my mouth; being the inner corners. The pigmentation of this wonder is out-of-this-world! One swipe and you look like a sexy senorita!
As portrayed in the images above, this is what this lipstick looks like on the lip, it does have a slight blue undertone, which can enhance yellow teeth; but I didn’t have this issue. Now for the real part of the test! How long did it take to bleed? And it didn’t, not once! Which really shocked me, especially with a bright red lipstick, I had no lip-liner on, just this lipstick alone, and it didn’t bleed into my foundation; which was amazing! 
This lipstick was super comfortable throughout the day, didn’t crack or make me want to take it off my mouth. I know with some lipsticks they can dry out your lips, but not this one, which again, is fantastic for a pure matte lipstick. 
Last but not least, the longevity of this product is outstanding, I applied this to my lips at the beginning of the day, and didn’t have to do a touch up until 3 in the afternoon. When it came to taking it off, it wouldn’t budge. This lipstick even left a beautiful rose stain the next morning; which I used as a lipstick. That being said, if you don’t want pink lips the next morning, just place another lipstick on top. 


Now onto the price, this lipstick retails for, £28 … Which is I believe the most expensive lipstick I own? Might even top one of my Chanel prices. Yes it’s an expensive lipstick, but the pure quality of the product really shines through. It ticks all the boxes in lipstick land! To find a product that does all those to a high standard is remarkable! Pick this up when you can, they offer phenomenal shades, and look great on all skin tones. 
Although, if this is out of your price range, I do have a dupe blog post and video coming out this January! So stay tuned for that Little Ones. 
If you are interested in purchasing this product, click the link below! 
That’s it for today’s blog post, I hope you enjoyed the read, I loved writing it! I can’t wait to show you what I’m posting on Friday! Something from different from a review, don’t worry! 
I hope you enjoy the rest of your day! Stay safe and stay tuned Little Ones! 🙂 x x x

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