Good afternoon Little Ones! Today is a new day, and I’ve decided to talk you through one of my favourite make-up looks, I have no idea how this is going to work, seeing as you can’t hear or see me; but let’s give it a go. For my fellow readers out there, you are in for a treat! Besides, this has been highly requested for some time.
Without any further or do, let’s roll on my first make-up tutorial, reading edition!



Firstly, as always I turned my face into the perfect canvas, by removing all dead-skin with my ever so trusted Clearasil exfoliation pads … Who wants to apply foundation to the Sahara desert? Not the look I’m going for, to ensure that moisture was pumped back into my system I used my beloved moisturiser-Origins Make A Difference Plus Ultra-Rich Cream. Wow, that’s sounds like a mouthful.
Now you know I’ve actually put effort into my skincare routine to ensure my make-up looks flawless, let’s dive into the make-up side of things. 



Little Ones, I can’t emphasis this enough, believe me I used to think primer was a useless step and a waste of money, but this makes all the difference to adding hydration to the skin, and ensuring my make-up stays put all day. 
This glides onto my skin effortlessly, as well as hydrating my skin, diminishing all the dry patches. On a daily basis I apply this product after my moisturiser, and focus on my dry patches, being: forehead, nose and cheeks. 


Normally I tend to stay away from drug-store foundations as they can never nail my shade, it’s always far too dark, or orange, neither of which I’m content with; last time I checked I wasn’t auditioning for an Oompa Loompa role for Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. But, Maybelline managed to near enough create an almost perfect shade! It’s slightly too dark, but with concealer it tones it down, the average person wouldn’t even notice. The coverage and finish is beautiful! I tend to apply this foundation with a beauty blender, I use as much as I see fit and blend it out until I’m happy with the way it looks.


Next up is my precious concealer by Maybelline, I’ve been testing a few drug-store concealers and this one is beyond my favourite. The coverage and finish is phenomenal, it blends like a dream, and matches with every foundation in my collection; high-end and drug-store. 
I apply this under my eyes, forehead and chin, anywhere I want to add dimension to my face, I place it there and blend it out with my trusty beauty blender. 



Look what we have here … My most used, (and favourite powder), if you have dry skin this has become your new best-friend. I use this to set my concealer and foundation, I bake underneath my eyes, as well as lightly tapping the remainder of the product over the rest of my face.
The Chanel loose power is a dream to work with, smooth in texture without feeling chalky on the skin, which is why it’s perfect for dryer skin.



To be able to give the appearance that I’m not dying, I use my Benefit hoola bronzer, ever since I discovered make-up, this has been my go-to bronzer. I’ve tried others in the past, but nothing compares to this beauty. I lightly apply this to my: forehead, cheekbones, jaw and neck. When I’m happy with the application, I take a contour brush, and directly apply it to my cheekbones and jaw; just to make them more defined. 


Before I get judged … I know it’s a blush palette, but the golden shade is the perfect highlighter, it gives such a sensational subtle glow, I adore it. So we’ve all established that I use the golden shade for highlighter, but I also use the rose-gold shade for blush. Sometimes I use orgasm by Nars, but lately I’ve been obsessed with this product. In terms of application I use my blush brush for you guessed it … Blush, and my highlighter brush for … Highlighter!


I’ve finally started to use mascara on a regular basis, take me to the promised land! I’ve been trying to find a great mascara for years, after spending a stupid amount of money I gave up. Until social media forced me to believe that I needed sensational lashes … So I branched out and tried this, It does such a fantastic job, gives me so much length, and even holds a subtle curl, (which I never knew I had). 
On the other hand, I also used the L’Oreal Super Slim Liner in black, this idiot forgot to take a picture, but I’ve always used this liner to create the perfect cat-eye.




We all know I no stranger to a red lip … I used to be extremely intimidated by the thought of wearing red lipstick, maybe because of the negative connotations, and being bullied at school, (didn’t help). Since having a massive lipstick collection I love experimenting with both, high-end and drug-store lip products. I just no happened to stumble across the relatively new Gigi Hadid collection. I adore this shade, it’s the perfect red in my opinion, if I can rock it anyone can! Although, be careful with the lip-liner, it crumples away at times, (really annoying), but be careful with application. 
Right now Little Ones, this is now the end of my blog post! If you are interested in any of the products above, I will leave a link below for you all! Saves you lot manual labour. 
If you liked this blog post, then please let me know! It was interesting, due to the fact I couldn’t show you how I use these products, if you want to see more of this then let me know!
I hope you have a lovely day, and I will see you tomorrow! Remember to stay safe and stay tuned! 
🙂 x x x


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