Good afternoon Little Ones! I’ve been running around keeping myself busy as per usual, it’s about time that I’ve sat down in front of my computer, and crafted a blog post for you. I don’t think I’ve written about my monthly favourites here before on the blog, but it’s time for a change!
If you want to read about what I’ve been loving this past month, then scroll down .
Also, I’ve gained several questions on my new first tattoo, believe me a blog post is coming, hold your horses Little Ones!
Without any further or do, let’s crack on with my January favourites!


Typical Amy adheres to staying organised! And nothing says sticking to her routes than a traditional yearly diary. Keeping on top of daily tasks, no matter how tedious or simple they may be, is significant, (for me anyway).
I always purchase a yearly dairy which obtains several sections, for example, this book has a detailed overview of all the months, and if you want to target a specific date, as well as interjecting several tasks to fulfil, you can do just that. 
I love how so much thought went into the design features, it remained iconic in traditional Cath Kidston style, quirky and enchanting; which matches my personality perfectly. 
In relation to the size of the book, it’s just a tad smaller than standard A4, which makes it easy to carry around in your handbag, so if anything comes into mind, you can jot it down straight away.
If flowers aren’t your style then I can imagine this isn’t you cup of tea, and I can hear my mother now, “God that looks awful”, well I adore it, so hush. 


I’m not the only human that relishes a treat here and there … I came across this wonder on my weekly shop, and seeing that I’m addicted to anything Cadbury, I thought I would give this a try. I would have showcased the inner beauty, but … I may have eaten this desert in the making of this blog post; what can I say, it’s irresistible. Anyhow, as soon as you peel the lid back, you are met with two delicious compartments, one which holds the typical Cadbury creamy chocolate, and the other beholds several mini eggs … Mix the pair together and you have created happiness itself.
Who needs a man when you have this? 


Wow that was a mouthful to type … Try saying it! I’ve been on the hunt to try and discover the most cost effective way to remove the first stages of my make-up. I traditionally use my YesTo face-wipes, but after a while they become exceedingly expensive. I wanted to put micellar water to the test, and see if it lasted longer than the standard 25 facial wipes, I may also add that I would have to repurchase my wipes 3 times a month, costing a total of, £16. 
I purchased the Garnier micellar water for £4.99, which was the same price as my wipes, on top of that I separately bought cotton pads, which reached a grand total of, £6.99. 
I made these purchases at the beginning of the month, I’m only halfway through the bottle, and I use this twice a day! Not only that, I still have cotton pads left over … For an entire month I only spent £6.99, saving £10! And it does a better job than the wipes! Doesn’t irritate my eyes, removes more makeup, saves time, and replenishes the natural oils in my dry skin; it’s an all win situation. 


Well hello there again, I’ve seen you here before … This is my beloved all time favourite perfume, nothing has managed to top this sexy scent, and I don’t think it’s humanly possible. What else is there to be said? I’ve mentioned everything … Ascetically pleasing, longevity is out of this world, the scent itself is to die for; this will forever remain in my favourites of the month. 
This is my third bottle I believe, I without such a romantic relationship with this perfume, that I have a travel size, which I ALWAYS carry around with me; as well as the full-monty on my bedside table … I can’t resist. 
If you are on the hunt for a new perfume, look no further, head to the closet store that stocks this beauty and smell it! I promise you, you won’t be disappointed, apart from your bank account; as it’s not the cheapest perfume in the world. 



Amy has manged to obtain the perfect drugstore concealer, can I get an amen! I never thought this was going to be attainable … A pasty girl like me, has managed to find a killer drugstore concealer, I don’t mean to offend anybody, but I normally head towards the higher-end counter; as my complexion resembles death. Try and find a shade for that in Superdrug, I dare you!
January has been the month for me finding fantastic drugstore make-up, you’ll find out why shortly, but this is number one on the list! Yes, the packaging isn’t to die for, but the beauty is held inside! The colour match, it couldn’t be anymore spot on, the texture is so creamy, glides on like a dream … And the coverage? Don’t get me started! PERFECTION! It brightens my under-eyes, I feel like Jesus himself, if you suffer with dark eyes, look no further, this is your bestfriend … Try it out, Maybelline have a tone of shades! I’m the lightest, (no surprise there); if you are just as deadly as me, you’ll adore the shade 05. 


A drugstore concealer and foundation in the same monthly favourites, I’m on a roll! Let’s get the slight negativity out of the way, I picked up the shade 02 fair beige, the colour match is nearly there, but slightly too dark, matched with the concealer it doesn’t look so obvious. 
But … The way this applies cancels anything negative about the foundation, it goes on better than my Dior skin foundation … And that was triple the price! I’m not mad about the coverage either, leaves such a luminous finish, I fell in love with it as soon as this soaked into my skin. 
The only other drawback is when this breaks away, you have to powder the face, or it starts to look greasy, but to get to that point, you have to have this foundation on for 6 plus hours, which is insane!
I just love this foundation, I’ve been using it everyday, since I discovered it, if only Maybelline offered a lighter shade, I would be 100% happy with my purchase.  


This is the first ever mascara that I have ever featured on this blog, and my YouTube channel, this is also the first mascara I have purchased in over 5 years … Several years ago, Amy discovered that no matter how much money she spent on mascara, or products to improve the appearance of her eyelashes … NOTHING WORKED. So she gave up … Until she thought to herself years later, ‘maybe I should try something new, don’t spend too much money’. 
Here we are today, 2018 … and for the first time, I’m recommending the perfect mascara. When I tell you have the worlds most stubborn eyelashes, I’m not lying. They are dead straight, and refuse to hold a curl. I thought all hope was lost, until I picked this up and tried it. 
Oh my word, the length this gives is magical, and it even holds a slight curl, which is impressive for me! Chris thought I was wearing fake eyelashes; which is the nicest compliment! BELIEVE ME! TRY THIS FOR YOURSELF! If it works for me, this will work on anybody! The wand is impressive, the curved side reaches each individual lash, lifts and holds it in place, but do be careful, because if you apply too much, it does clump up. 



Ladies, put your hands up if you hate razor burn? I expect you are waving your arms frantically? This will be your Godsend of a product, wherever you decide to shave, whether that be: legs, armpits, vagina … You don’t want spikes of hell piercing through your skin. 
As soon as you jump out of the shower, place this on the freshly shaven area, it immediately cools it down, and really reduces razor burn. 
When I first saw this product launched, I tutted away and din’t think too much about it, I saw an offer at Boots and thought, ‘what the heck’, placed it in my basket … That was the moment I purchased a life saver. 
There’s nothing much to say, but EVERYTHING! A tiny bit goes a long way, but mainly say goodbye to ugly red bumps, and hello to sexy smooth skin!
Right Little Ones! That was it for today’s blog post, I really do hope you enjoyed the read! I loved typing away! If you want to see more monthly favourites then please do let me know, use the comment section down below; or my social media handles! 
I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, I’m about to practice some make-up looks for my upcoming shoot, as well as purchasing some new underwear; I have something saucy lined up!
I love you all so very much, remember to stay safe and stay tuned! Bye Little Ones! 🙂 x x x 

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