Good afternoon Little Ones! It’s that time of the day again where I sit in front of my computer, and write to my hearts content. In recent events, more specifically Thursday 1st February … I headed into my local tattoo parlour and proceeded to implant my first tattoo on my body. If you want to read about: why I got it, where I gathered the inspiration from, how I felt before and after, and what I think currently; have a scroll!
To ensure you are keeping up to date with previous blog posts, click here! Without any further or do, let’s roll on my first tattoo!



Fundamentally, I’ve never been the person to actually go through with a tattoo, I love the idea and passion behind the creations, but over a year ago I came to terms with an idea, which has come to life, in the formation of two dots; which will forever be embedded into my skin.  
November 2016 marks the event where I slit my wrist, the healing process was just as demoralising and agonising; I soon realised that the scar had decided to morph into a faint smile … I thought nothing of it, until one of my university classmates pointed out that it looked like half a smiley face, she continued to draw two dots above to complete her vision; ever since then, I made it my mission to emulate her idea and turn it into a tattoo. 
Every single morning I woke up, I was constantly face with my gruesome scar on my wrist, automatically the physical and mental pain smacked me in the face, in order to diminish the torment, I finally decided to take action and make my dream a reality. 

Thursday 1st February, marked the day where I entered my local tattoo parlour and made this vision possible.
This tattoo portrays strength, and switches which was once a traumatic nightmare, into a lighthearted illustration, it’s utterly unique-one of a kind in fact, this will NEVER be replicated; which makes me feel utterly proud.
As tiny as this tattoo is, the meaning behind it engulfs size altogether.


Luckily enough for me, this wasn’t a sporadic idea, I had pondered upon this creation for over a year. A week before it was time to embed this illustration for a lifetime, I made an appointment with my tattoo artist, I wanted them to acknowledge the significance behind the tattoo; and ease my anxiety. They were extremely supportive, and thought it embarked pure emotion, relevance, and originality. I admired their opinion, and couldn’t wait until my creation came to life.
Moments before my tattoo, I was anxiety ridden, I was fearful of the pain, worried that I would flinch and ruin the entire design.


Honestly, everyone obtains several opinions, it’s all down to to pain threshold, and luckily enough for me, I can take physical pain like no tomorrow-in terms of mental, that’s where I begin to break down.
In order to aid my anxiety, my tattoo artist slowly placed the gun onto the surface of my skin, she emulated gentle circular motions, in which I completed relaxed, simply because it didn’t hurt at all. 
Evidently, you can feel it, and it’s more annoying than anything, but in terms of pain, I’ve had injections which are much worse.
But, if you are considering a tattoo, my advice would be, to make an appointment, and discuss your fear, they are there to turn your wild creations to life; use them to your advantage.

When the day arrives for you to get your tattoo, and you are still fear-ridden, they won’t rush you into anything, and they can even apply numbing location.
Like I’ve mentioned previously, everyone is different, do want you think is best for you.


Regret … That I didn’t do this sooner! 
As soon as I saw this settle permanently onto my skin, I fell in love … Anxiety had disappeared, and I couldn’t be anymore proud. Amy McGuire, the innocent, timid pristine woman, had managed to swipe away stereotypes … I had a tattoo, and I haven’t felt cooler; a phrase I never thought I would describe myself. 

The secondary phrase, “once you get one tattoo, don’t they become increasingly addictive?” Yes they do, I’ve already thought about several other tattoos I wish to add to my small collection. One important factor will stay submerged, any future tattoo I consider getting, has to be designed by me, it adds a personal and original touch … Differentiates me from sheep.

Right now Little Ones, this is the end of this blog post, say hello to my first tattoo, I wonder if I should name it? Any suggestions?
Cheers to this, and hopefully many more to come, I will inform you on future designs, and maybe even film my next tattoo; if the opportunity ever arises. 
I hope you enjoyed this interesting read, I will see you again tomorrow with vagina advice! Have a wonderful evening, remember to stay safe and stay tuned Little Ones! 🙂 x x x 

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