Good evening Little Ones, time for an old-fashioned first impressions! It’s been a while since I’ve conducted one of these, (due to the fact I’m impatient and dive into products too quickly). But seeing that I’ve managed to obtain such self-restraint, here we are … With a brand I have never mentioned on this blog before, say hello to the endearing, Tom Ford.
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Love at first sight. The reflective crocodile exterior is extraordinary. Professionalism, seductive and dangerous, I felt empowered in the presence of such beauty. Tom Ford, (slow clapping), I hold my hat to you, the simplistic elegant design had me melting, and I hadn’t yet freed the lipstick. 
As soon as I unveiled the prize within, I was shocked, I never thought a beauty product could be this breath-taking. 
Delicate, vulnerable and beautiful, it feels like a crime to ruin such an iconic piece of make-up. Everything down to Tom Ford’s initial on the tip of the lipstick, makes every penny you spent on this wonder worth it. The memorising golden parallel lines submerging around the lipstick, almost acting as a barrier screams grace. Such a simple design, but being uncomplicated in this circumstance is paying off.  
Just gazing at this product gives me high hopes that the performance is just as thrilling, who else would create such a wonderful package that didn’t stay consistent with appearances? 





Let’s begin with application. Glided on like a dream, didn’t tug at my lips, one swipe and my eyes witnessed intense pigmentation; which shocked me with such an innocent shade. 
The knife-like applicator made it exceedingly easy to reach the sides of my mouth, as well as carving out my cupid-bow. The more I applied the more I fell in love with this lipstick. 
A few moments past and I could see the formula drying down into velvet, it was soft to touch and didn’t transfer, (I knew this was going to be a great lipstick). 
The colour is flattering, which I didn’t think was possible on my skin-tone, me and pink don’t normally get along. 
The hours ticked by, I applied this beauty 7 hours ago and it’s still on my lips, I’ve drank out of fresh-juice bottles, eaten noodles, (which are extremely messy), and this bad-boy has stuck its ground. 
Needless to say, this is a fantastic performer. 
Is my bank account going to hate me? Yes, do I have more shades arriving? yes again. 
Before I forget, the shade name is, Age of consent, why wouldn’t you want this shade?




Yes, the price is a kick in the teeth, there is no denying that … £40 is dear. But, I’m a make-up collector, more specifically in lipsticks, I’m obsessed, it’s OK, please don’t send help. 
With lipsticks, paying the higher price is always worth it, I’m not saying Maybelline isn’t fantastic, because I adore their matte range. 
But I want longevity with a lipstick, this is where my higher-end range kicks in … This lipstick has lasted 7 hours, and could last more. None of my drugstore lipsticks have managed to last that long. 
Yes, you’re paying for the name, but you are also paying for quality. 
If you want a lipstick that’s going to stay by your side, count Tom Ford in. 
If you don’t have the coin for Tom Ford, there are plenty of cheaper options out there! Yes, this is expensive, and I’m not saying buy the whole range, but if you want to treat yourself, go ahead this is worth the splurge. 
If you are interested in this lipstick the link is down below for you! Saves hunting it down yourself! 
This is now the end of my blog post, I do hope you enjoyed the read, these lipsticks are worth the hype. There are plenty of other shades if this one isn’t for you. 
If you want to see more first impressions, please do let me know! I do have another blog post coming out tomorrow, stay tuned for that!
Have a lovely day! Remember to stay safe and stay tuned! 🙂 x x x 

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