Good evening Little Ones! I’ve just arrived home from London, work was liberating, but I’m now in my happy place, writing away, my aim has always been to type whatever comes to mind; but I wish to work on publishing my content, without feeling anxious on who may judge it.
Today’s topic may seem humorous, and some aspects will be … But it’s personal, for women out there personal hygiene is extremely sensitive. But look up to me as your fairy godmother, but for your vagina? Jokes aside, this blog post is going to walk you through several tips, on how to maintain the perfect vagina.
To ensure you are keeping up to date with previous blog posts, click here! Without any further or do, let’s roll on vagina 101.

As women, we are expected to recite the rule-book of how to care and maintain for our vagina’s, and feel utterly ashamed when something doesn’t go quite to plan. Take me for instance, I’m an absolute germaphobe, I carry bottles of hand sanitiser, vagina wipes and even vagina deodorant … Yes it exists, some people may assume that it’s over the top, but it’s become apart of my daily life. Who else feels dirty when having to use a public bathroom? The idea of thousands of people using the same toilet makes me cringe, which is why I take extra precautions, thus the vagina wipes and deodorant, nothing makes me feel crisp than spraying my lady garden with a heavenly scent.
Fundamentally, I want share simple tips and tricks on how to not only care for your vagina, but prevent nasty infections from settling in, for instance, UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). I’ve been there, and believe me, it’s not where you want to be, you can catch these horrid beasts due to: poor personal hygiene, sex, and in my case, my kidneys don’t function effectively. On occasions I still suffer with UTI’s, but these tips, as well as medication have reduced these massively.
Before we get into the nitty-gritty, I’m going to be mentioning a tone of Femfresh products, this blog post has not been sponsored, I’ve always used this brand when it comes to vagina health, and I haven’t been keen to look elsewhere.


But Amy, do I really have to keep my soaps separate, why can’t I use my normal body wash? Ladies, when I tell you this, it’s the make or break for preventing UTI’s, if you fancy clenching the toilet seat, due to hot lava flowing through your urethra, be my guest; if not try the Femfresh ultimate care soothing wash. This beauty is enriched with cranberry extracts, which naturally prevents UTI’s, why wouldn’t you want that? Saves you from drinking cranberry juice in the morning.
I’m not saying you have to bathe your entire body in this product, but having soap made specifically for your lady garden, doesn’t hurt.
If you are going to take anything away from this blog post, let it be this! Vagina wipes, facial wipes, baby wipes … They are essential in our daily lives. If you aren’t willing to switch the soap, purchase these.
When you need extra freshness, for instance … That time of the month, don’t take a chance, no one wants to smell like a local fish market. Besides, when you hit desperation and you need to use a public bathroom, and regular toilet-paper doesn’t cut it, these wipes have your back. Bringing out the big guns, isn’t necessarily a negative thing.
Well that’s a bit excessive Amy. Maybe, but I carry this around like normal deodorant, you DON’T have to buy this product, I use it more for discomfort; we’ve all been there when it gets too hot, summer is the absolute worst! When I feel I’m getting agitated, or anxious about forming an unpleasant odour, I spray this.
At first it tickles, due to the fact you are spraying deodorant on your vagina; but after a while it becomes refreshing.


I’m not saying wear a white robe, but what you may consider doing is introducing Greek yogurt into your daily diet, I know it’s bland, but what I personally do in the mornings is; take a large portion of Greek yogurt, and adding: grapes, banana and strawberries. That way I’m getting 3 of my 5 a day, and I’m digesting Greek yogurt. 
Amy, what is so significant about this product? Well Little Ones, it’s a known fact that Greek yogurt help boost good bacteria in your vagina, which prevents yeast infections selling in, I’ve never been in that situation, and to be perfectly honest; I don’t fancy it anytime soon. 
I’m not saying throw away your sexy lace thong, because to be perfectly honest, it’s all I own, and it doesn’t hurt to feel like Mrs Grey once in a while. 
Besides the point, if you aren’t brave enough to walk around with no underwear on, I completely understand … Not comfortable with jeans, has to be said. 
But, what I chose to do, is wear a baggy t-shirt, (preferably from your partner) and head to bed commando, that way I don’t feel anxious as I have something covering me. It lets your vagina breath, if you have it squished 24/7, it’s going to become sweaty, which would then produce an unpleasant odour. To free yourself from discomfort and embarrassment, hit the hay with no underwear on. 

Ladies! Doesn’t it suck when you are getting it on with your partner, and your vagina doesn’t get the memo? DRYNESS GALORE, which is more common than we like to admit.When you get down to business, try lube, that way you don’t have to worry about your vagina flaps flying off, sex isn’t meant to be unpleasant believe it or not.
Personally, (and this is not sponsored), I use KY jelly, it’s unscented, and it doesn’t get extremely sticky, doesn’t taste great, so use this after foreplay.

If you are interested in any on the products I have mentioned above, click the link below:

Right Little Ones, this is the end of my blog post, needless to say this was an interesting read, something I normally wouldn’t write about, non-the-less I enjoyed every moment of it. I hope you enjoy the rest of you evening, and I will see you again tomorrow, something more my style!
I love you all so very much, stay safe and stay tuned 🙂 x x x 

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