Welcome back Little Ones! Could you have guessed that it was exam season? I have finally put together a secure timetable which enables me to: write blog posts, film videos, model, revise as well as learn to drive!
Yes, I’ve picked up driving, would you believe that I’ve just found the time to drive?
Anyhow, I’m sorry that I’ve left you in the dark for a couple of weeks, believe me it’s not been a barrel of laughs; but I’m back in business and ready to give you a review!
I’ve accomplished so much, but to edge back into blogging I thought I would start off simple and give you a beloved review!
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Let’s face it, we all know that Chanel implements marvellous packing, which is why I was heavily disappointed when I saw this component … Yes, I know, packing isn’t everything, but when you are paying a large sum of money for a foundation, you best be mighty fine! 
It didn’t knock my socks off, when I emulate Chanel in my mind, pure sophistication and opulence runs through my veins, when I was face to face with this component, I never expected a plastic squeeze tube for my foundation … Especially from Chanel. 
Convenient? Tick, you can access the correct amount of foundation, no risk of spilling … But there’s also another mechanism which has been invented … A pump, why could there not have been a pump in a matt glass bottle? Why did you stoop so low Chanel? It’s not like your entire foundation line have been pumped into plastic bottles, your le teint ultra tenue comes in a matt bottle … With a pump?
Points for experimenting but stick to what you know.
I’m aware that some of you may be thinking, “wow, she’s overreacting, and completely snobby” … I’m all for drugstore foundations, Maybelline dream satin liquid foundation is fantastic, great shade range, longevity, and only £7.99 … And guess what, it comes in a glass bottle, but even if it didn’t I wouldn’t care … Because it’s only £7.99.




Chanel, the contents inside the bottle is pure brilliance, initially when you squeeze the foundation out of the tube, you are met with a creamy consistency, not too thick that it’s going to bury your pores alive, but not too watery where it slides all over the place.


It’s the Goldilocks of foundation consistency … Now that we’ve established that the texture is perfect, let’s get onto how this product applies.


Traditionally, I always prep my skin with my beloved Origins moisturiser, as well as the YSL secrets primer, after that’s sunk into the skin, I applied the Chanel foundation with my beauty blender, the more I buffed into the skin, the more I fell in love with this product.
My skin appeared radiant, healthy and goddess like … My skin looked like real skin, I know that sounds bizarre, but some foundations place a weird film over your face, which makes your skin beneath the makeup appear fake, (not the look I’m going for).
I was pleasantly surprised that not only was this foundation medium coverage, but I could build the coverage without the product appearing blotchy or greasy.
I’m the type of woman that adores natural makeup, I want luminous skin without my redness starring in the show, is that too much to ask for?
Anyhow, after I’d finished applying the foundation, I couldn’t believe how beautiful my skin was … I’m not a confident person, nor do I like my appearance, but I can confidently state that was skin was perfect.
The foundation covered everything I wanted, while still letting my natural skin shine through.
Something I should mention, I have very dry skin … When I purchase a foundation, I need it to moisturise my skin, and not settle in my dry patches, as soon as a foundation highlights my dry skin; it goes flying into the bin.
Luckily enough, this foundation aided my dry skin, making it look better than ever, the longevity of this product is insane, for a hydrating product I made it to the 8-hour mark before having to touch up, and even then, it still looked reasonably presentable.
Lastly, before you use this product each time you have to shake it, otherwise the product settles at the bottom and it comes out curdled … Doesn’t look pretty, but as long as you shake prior to application nothing will go wrong.
All in all, if you want luminous skin I would highly recommend this product, lasts such a long time, doesn’t settle in my dry patches, and the shade range is fantastic … I’m exceedingly pale, and the lightest shade (10 beige) couldn’t suit my complexion better. 






If you’ve come here expecting a budget foundation, unfortunately this isn’t the review or product for you … The vitalumiere aqua foundation retails for a total of, £37.
Yes … I know, it’s expensive, but I’m the type of consumer that would pay extra if it meets all my requirements.
This foundation executed perfectly, I couldn’t have asked for a better product, it’s now my current favourite and I have no idea how any other product is going to top this one.
Seeing that it matched my skin complexion, lasted all day, and made my skin look radiant … It’s a win in my books.
I have no idea how this would turn out for someone with oily skin, it may just slide off? I have no idea, but what I do know, is that if you suffer with stubborn dry skin, this is the foundation for you.
I know this isn’t the most affordable foundation, but I do have other drugstore alternatives, I’ll be listing and giving a detailed review, on the best drugstore foundations … And yes, that will be arriving in the week.
If you are interested in this product I will leave the link below for you, saves you typing it!
Chanel vitalumiere aqua foundation link:
Thank you for getting this far, I know my reviews are always lengthy, but I want you guys to leave with as much information as possible.
There’s nothing worse than buying a product after reading a few short reviews, and finding out it doesn’t work … I’ve been there and it’s extremely frustrating.
Let me know what you would like me to write next, I’m always up for suggestions, if not then I will control the reins and post whatever comes to mind.
I hope you have a lovely day, I’m just about to head to work!

I love you all so very much, thank you for reading! I will see you in the next blog post! Remember to stay safe and stay tuned Little Ones! 🙂 x x x

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