Good afternoon Little Ones, I never thought that I would be writing this blog post, but here I am typing away.
It’s been advised since the incident and release from the ambulance, that I relax and take it easy … Seeing that I’m still shocked from the incident I thought that it would be a great idea to nestle into the sofa with my laptop in hand telling you the tale of my fainting fiasco at work.
If you want to know the full scoop about what happened earlier on today, then keep on scrolling.

Where to start? I wondered into work feeling completely fine, didn’t have a concern for my wellbeing in the slightest. An hour into my shift and everything changed, I was knocked off my feet with a sincere stabbing pain situated behind my left eye, being an anxious individual I started to panic; I assumed the pain was down to dehydration, therefor I headed to the canteen to settle down and drink some water. A few moments passed and the pain subsided slightly, I wondered back to my feet, as well as my floor section.
Before I had the chance to tidy my area the pain came flooding back, luckily enough a friendly member of staff asked how I was … This was my opportunity to be completely honest, I explained that I wasn’t feeling myself and needed to sit down, he walked me halfway until he bumped into our floor manager.
At this point I could feel my head turning to mush, my knees bucking beneath me … I saw black and fell into my managers arms, (as romantic as that sounds) it was the complete opposite.
I awoke to confusion, nausea and pain, the stabbing sensation continued to nibble at the back of my eye, while I was being questioned.
People called 111, all I knew is that assistance was on the way and I was going to be ok, all the members of staff were exceedingly lovely, I can’t thank them enough for reassuring me, and making sure that I was calm at all times.

Now you are probably wondering, what caused this chain of events? This is where it gets complicated, I’ve recently been diagnosed with anaemia, I have also finished my final course of Fultium with a total of 20,000 units which meant that I could only take 2 a week. Depending on the level of anaemia, depends on the medication given for example, some people take medication daily, whereas I took it twice a week.
But Amy what about the severe head-pain? Due to an enormous amount of stress and panic attacks the rush of adrenalin was more than my brain could handle, the more I panicked the more the pain increased … As well as the chances of me passing out.
Another factor that contributed to me passing out is my low blood pressure, I’m already prone to passing out, and it’s happened previously, also at a place of work, (I promise I don’t plan this).
Lastly, my drastic change of diet made me even more vulnerable to passing out, the paramedics asked if I had changed my diet, I stated that I had recently decided to go vegan … They weren’t pleased that I had stripped out my protein source, they said that tofu wasn’t going to cut it.

Little Ones, that’s now the end of my blog post, if you have any further questions then please do let me know, I just wanted to cover what was said to me, and what happened to me personally.
I hope you found this post interesting, it was defiantly different from previous content.
My advice to whoever is reading this, make sure that you are surrounded by people you care and love, and ensure you are always staying on top of your health, and do what’s right for you.
I’m going to continue to rest and hopefully get some fresh air!
Hopefully my next blog post will excite you a little more, as I’m comparing a high-end and drugstore mascara.
Remember to stay safe and stay tuned! x x x

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