Good morning Little Ones, hope you are enduring a productive day with whatever that may be! Also, I hope you are enjoying the new set-up, it was in need of a serious makeover, the stag horns were quirky but that was years old, something more modern was called for, besides Chris was dying to move me over to WordPress … Probably the best decision I’ve made in relation to my blog, puts everything into perspective.
Anyhow, it was highly requested that I write about what I eat in a day, I’ve seen tonnes of videos, (not something I normally watch), but I’ve rarely seen blog posts, again maybe it’s because I don’t actively search for this particular topic, but I thought it would be interesting to reflect at the end of the day what I’ve eaten.
Just before I dive into the blog post, I made it imperative to become vegan yet again … But after my recent blood tests the doctors want me to continue eating meat for the time being, (only temporary), other than the chicken I had for dinner everything was: dairy, gluten and egg free.
Now that’s over and out the door let’s crack on to what I eat in a day!


Typically I would enjoy a fruit concoction, but seeing that me and Christopher were already in town due to errands, we thought to head into out local Starbucks, (my second home) … I ordered my favourite mango black tea lemonade, if you’ve tried it I would highly recommend! If you aren’t a tea person hold your horses, I HATE tea, but fruit tea is the key to my heart, plus it’s iced, why would you not want this cool beverage, (see what I did there)?
Seeing that they bake the perfect gluten and dairy free bread I ordered toast, they put a complimentary butter on the side, (which I didn’t touch), otherwise my stomach would have a verbal fight with me … Being lactose intolerant has changed my life.
With my partner by my side, toast and drink in hand, I was eating like a king, (how I felt anyway), it was super filling and kept me going until lunch. Fruit toast isn’t as bad as you may think, I used to think it was a mature food, (meaning you would find your grandparent munching on it); but try it before you judge.


Firstly, I eat my lunch as it were a 3 meal course … May sound strange as I do everything backwards, I start with my main course as such, in this case that would be Heinz tomato soup … I like to have a light lunch, soup does the job for me, fills me up without pushing my food wall … I hate feeling exceedingly full.
Shortly after I munched on a couple of Yushoi sweet chilli and lemon pea snacks … They are absolutely delicious! I picked these up yesterday and I can’t put them down, they are 100% vegan and super healthy; due to the fact they are baked and made from peas! Honestly, when it’s ‘that time of the month’, I crave everything savoury, this will become my new best-friend. If you are obsessed with crisps make this your new healthy alternative! These also became my snacks throughout the day, (I snacked before dinner, due to the fact I was getting rather hungry).
After the snacks I needed to satisfy my sweet tooth, luckily enough grapes was on the menu! I normally purchase my typical red and green grapes, but these caught my eye at Marks&Spencer’s, they are Sweet Jubilee, they are sweeter than your red grape; so if you have a sweet tooth like me you will adore these!


Not the most glamorous picture, but my natural lighting had faded away … Besides I was starving and needed refuelling, I couldn’t be bothered getting the fancy lights out and finding the perfect angle for my wraps. As I mentioned previously the only non-vegan element to this dish was the chicken, but due to my recent blood results and examination my doctors highly recommend that I continue to consume meat, (only temporary) until they see a vast improvement.
You are probably wondering what this concoction is … Well let me inform you, the wrap was vegan, I have a chilli humus as a base, chicken, sweetcorn and onion.
Nothing special, just what I had leftover in the kitchen, it tasted super yummy and filled me up, but it was time for desert, (my favourite time of the day).


Ben&Jerry’s you have answered my prayers, I’ve tried vegan ice-cream before, and nothing compares to this product, (no this is not sponsored, but I wish it was). It tastes exactly what it says on the tin, I was sceptical because how could it? Christopher tried it and didn’t even the know difference, (he didn’t even know it was vegan, it was a blind test). Luckily enough he keeps his paws off this beauty, (due to the fact this is the only ice-cream I can eat without my stomach suffocating me with excruciating pain).
This desert is super creamy and addictive, luckily enough for me I was able to stop … But I could continue to eat without realising, it’s that addictive.

This is the part where I sign off … Wow I can’t believe that I’ve finished typing already, time really does go by when you are having fun! I really do hope you enjoyed this read, it gave me a proper insight to my daily diet, I’ve also realised that I don’t eat an awful lot, (obviously I need to improve upon it).
If you want to see an updated version in months to come then please do let me know! I have a product review coming this Friday, and  vegan cheesecake recipe Wednesday! Stay safe and stay tuned Little Ones! x x x

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