Good morning Little Ones! Another day another blog post!
One of my guilty pleasures is tip-toeing across the internet and stumbling across radiant goddess make-up inspiration.
Alas, I’m related to Caspar the ghost and refuse to fake-tan, maybe because the last time I tried it appeared that I’d smothered myself in mud … Not the look I was going for.
If your expectations is to appear sun-kissed, you are sadly in the wrong place, but if you want a classical no make-up make-up look, scroll below and play around.
Recently I’m obsessed with appearing fresh and natural, I still occasionally apply my iconic cat-eye but we all go through phases, and right now I’m loving mascara and nude eye-shadow.
If you want to figure out how I created this unrefined appearance, scroll below and have some fun.
Without any future or do let’s crack on with my no make-up make-up look!


Lately, I’ve skipped the foundation stage, I still love using it especially now that I’ve fallen in love with a new holy-grail product, (don’t worry I will be writing an entire review on the product). But, during the summer I don’t want my skin layered with make-up products, we are going for a no make-up look, why apply hundreds of cake layers?
Anyhow, as my “base” I’ve been using the le correcteur de Chanel longwear concealer, (say that 10 times fast), I tried this out a couple of weeks ago, (all over the face) and I wish this was a foundation.
The coverage is perfect, more so a medium foundation but it gives the skin such a natural radiant glow, because I use this as my base I don’t go in again under the eye, (as I want minimal make-up), plus it saves time if you are in a rush … Been there done that.

Luckily enough for me, I can get away with using a BB cream or concealer, (my skin has been behaving), if you are in the situation where your acne is getting out of control stick on light foundation and use concealer where you need extra coverage.
Just thought I would mention, I use the shade 10 beige it’s the lightest shade they offer, but it’s slightly too dark. I would normally stay away from this during the winter but now that I have a slight tan (not that you would know) it suits me quite well.
All in all, on most days during the summer I will more than likely be using this as my base, it’s a time saver, light on the skin and gives me just what I want.


I used to be obsessed with Benefit hoola bronzer, it was the only bronzer I would use, not because it was my only preference I just hadn’t tried anything else.
Seeing that I had already purchased this product 3 times, it was time for a change.
I headed to several counters and finally landed on Bobbi brown, they suggested the illuminating bronzing powder in the shade aruba and I fell in love. Every morning I apply this I feel sun-kissed, I couldn’t recommend this product enough.


Now time to crack on with eyebrows, I never used to bother with them, (I wouldn’t even pluck them), God I would hate to look back at old pictures; must be a ghastly sight. Anyhow, times have changed and I now know the importance of filling in the brows.
This feature really does shape your face, I never used to believe that statement … But believe me, I would highly recommend buying a brow product. Over the years I used to be obsessed with the Eyelure brow pencil, but I discovered that it was too harsh, (it was hard to apply) and a pain to blend. I took to the internet and throughout that I would try eye-shadow … Yes you read that correctly.

For the perfect brow I use the evening glow eye shadow palette by Bobbi Brown, (I did purchase this at Christmas, and it was limited edition) … If you can get your hands on it perfect, if not then any dark eye-shadow will do, (or whichever suits your preference).
To apply the product I use the lighter shade-stormy grey and stroke it through the front of the brow, I also carefully outline my brow shape, (makes it easier when I apply the darker colour).
After I’m happy with the application, I dip into rich caviar and place the colour near the end of my brow.
To make this job easy I use the brow line brush by Zoeva, again I’m not saying you have to rush and order this brush, but if you can get your hands on an angled brush you’ll be sorted.


Over the years I’ve gathered quite a few eye shadow palettes, one that I lost contact with was my Urban Decay naked 3 palette … I threw it to the back of my collection and completely forgot I had it.
Recently I’ve organised my make-up and came across this beauty, seeing that I hadn’t put it to use for quite some time, I thought it was about time to do just that.
Out of the 12 colours I only used 2, I didn’t want anything too intricate especially when I’m going for something very simple. Firstly I took the colour limit with my Zoeva soft crease brush and gently applied that to my crease.
After I was happy with application I moved onto nooner and applied this deeper within my crease with a luxe soft definer, this created definition without trying exceedingly hard, (something I love in a make-up routine).
Overall it created a soft rose-gold appearance, because I’m very pale I try to interject colour somewhere, eye shadow is a great starting point.


Not much can be said in this department, I’m still using my beloved YSL false lash effect, what can I say I’m addicted.
I don’t think stating how to apply mascara is necessary here, apply it the way you see fit, as long as that’s not getting in everywhere but your lashes.
Although, YSL has launched a new product! I can’t wait to try the new volume effect faux cils the curler, (wow they are getting complicated). As soon as pay day arrives I will be testing that bad boy out!


We all know I have a huge lipstick collection, trying to choose one for this look was challenging. None the less I powered through and came across my Tom Ford lipstick in the shade 35 age of consent.
Again, I’m not going to write about how I applied this product, I just simply filled in my lips. You do what you are confident and comfortable with.
All I know is that when I next head into London, the Tom Ford counter is going to take quite a hit … I might need a couple more lipsticks, don’t judge).

Right Little Ones, this is the end of my blog post I really do hope you enjoyed the read! You can interpret this look in any way you fancy, I just used the products I thought would match perfectly for this specific look.
I will be writing other blog posts this week, I have an advice piece of work coming along, as well as a new recipe and review!
If you are interested in any of the products above, I will list them down below for you.
Have a wonderful day and remember to stay safe and stay tuned! x x x

Chanel concealer

Bobbi Brown bronzer

Bobbi Brown Brow 

Naked palette

YSL mascara

Tom Ford lipstick

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