Good morning Little Ones! It’s Monday, and the way to start the day is curled up in a blanket burrito. Waiting for Christopher to inform me of how tragic early-morning customers are.
Luckily enough for me I have both Monday and Tuesday off! Which gives me 2 productive days to create my content. Whether that be: videos, blog posts or my personal fitness plan, (launching August).
Today on my blog, I’ve decided to produce a post which I have never featured on my blog before, that’ll be a brand battle, in this case it’s going to be mascara.
I’ve used them both and I love the overall affect, but I want to test them out on each eye and see which one stands stronger! Why not place your bets before you finish reading?
Without any further or do, let’s crack on with the mascara brand battle!

Since I’m comparing both brands, I want to include every aspect of the product, this will entail: packaging, formula, (longevity, smudging and application), and my personal experience.



YSL, you never fail to please me in the packaging department, or performance… You’ve made me relish gold. (something I never thought I would say).
Your products belong in a showroom, never to be touched but to be admired from a distance. This mascara makes no objection.
I feel exceedingly prestige to own such an item … This is mascara at it’s finest form, and I haven’t even cracked the whip on the fabulous formula.

Brands, sit tight and take a leaf from YSL’s book.
The emotional journey you experience when applying this product on your face in the morning, is nothing but satisfactory… I feel nothing but pure joy when I twirl the YSL pendant and click it shut, it always meets in the middle perfectly.
I adore this feature as YSL interjected their logo in an iconic and classy manor.

In regards to the wand, I have to say it’s on the larger side, (probably why it never fails in the performance department). I find it quite intimidating, due to the fact I have substantially small eyes.
But it saves the time when applying the mascara, as it’s able to grip every lash in one single stroke.
Another important feature this product includes is a suction system, for instance when you pull the wand out of the tube, the suction system leaves excess product so that the wand isn’t completely coated in mascara.
I adore this, simply because this decreases the danger of excess mascara touching my face, or clumping up my lashes and making me want to start again.


L’Oreal, not too shabby for a drugstore mascara, round of applause for keeping it consistent and stylish. I’m enjoying the matte rose-gold tube in contrast to the shiny lid, adds an element of class. If you were to keep the plastic matte overall, it would have gone from super chic to super cheap.
That’s not me bashing drugstore products, as long as the product inside works thats all that matters, but as a packaging addict I do care what it looks like, (but it wouldn’t stop me from using the product).

I care a great deal that L’Oreal utilised the phrase ‘paradise’ and used a tropical colour such as burnt orange. (replicating a sunset) It creates an overall tour of being on paradise.
L’Oreal clearly wanted a fresh appeal with this particular mascara, as they kept the font clean by using white, nothing states crisp than the shade white.
The fact that L’Oreal put this much time and effort into one product, makes me respect them from a consumers point of view, hats off to you L’Oreal; you may not be as prestige as YSL,  but you’ve won my heart over.

Just like YSL, L’Oreal also includes a suction element, it’s not as good as good as the YSL function as I did suffer a great deal with clumping. But, for the total price of £11.99 it’s not bad, I just have to be a tad careful when applying, the same goes for the wand … Exceedingly massive, but it’s easy to grab all my lashes in one swoop.


Overall, the packaging winner is evidently YSL … You pay more in terms formula, (not yet discussed) but you also invest more with a particular brand due to the way it looks, and how it makes you feel.
I experience an overall satisfaction every time I crack my YSL mascara open. I feel incredible as I respect that I can finally afford expensive make-up. Why shouldn’t I treat myself now and again?



As mentioned previously the massive wand makes the mascara easy to apply. I found that with a couple of strokes my lashes were coated evenly (without clumping).
Although, if I was too heavy handed the mascara creeped onto my eyelid, which was slightly frustrating, but easy to scratch off when dry.
I also noticed that when applying this mascara it gives your lashes a fuller affect as it glues separate lash hairs together, but not too much to the point where it looks chunky. It also gave my lashes immediate length, and grips onto the curl I created with my lash curler.
All in all, application was super quick and easy, which is what I want in a mascara… No fuss, transfer or clumping.

Left eye had the YSL false lash effect mascara, whereas my right eye had the L’Oreal lash paradise mascara


L’Oreal, I thought application would have been very similar to YSL, but I was sadly mistaken.
Yes, the wand made it quick and simple, but with every stoke it transferred onto my eyelid. No matter how light-handed or careful I was, without a doubt mascara ended up everywhere but my lashes. I’m getting ready to head out, I don’t want to look like I’ve just come home from a heavy night out.
Already this product was beginning to disappoint me… I kept calm and continued to apply, I then removed excess product from my eyelid with make-up remover.
First impressions wasn’t fantastic, the formula weighted down the initial curl I created, but provided great length. Not terrible but not fantastic.

In regards to the application process, I would have to state on a first impression basis. YSL yet again wins this round, but maybe L’Oreal have something up their sleeve?

Lashes are rather long, but look weighted down in comparison to the YSL mascara


I applied both mascaras before heading into work on Sunday, that would have been at 10:30 am, s my aim was to partake in several checkins, 2 of which I’ve documented in the images above.
The first one being when the products were freshly applied, and the other when I came home at 5pm, which meant both products had at least 6 hours wear time.
This painted an accurate picture of how long each mascara would last on an average working day.

For YSL, as soon as I applied the mascara it held my curl exceedingly well. A few hours past and I was checking how my mascara was holding up.
It looked just as fresh as when I walked out the door. I was completely impressed and couldn’t wait to see what else this mascara had in mind.

Home-time rolled around and it was time to take the final snap-shots, I was shocked that the overall pigment was still as strong from initial application.
Shockingly, my curl still remained strong, from previous experience with mascara my curl would normally fade within a few hours, but 6 hours later and my lashes still flickered.
Although, the only negative aspect to this product would be the slight transfer underneath my eye. I noticed on my final check-in that mascara seeped under my lash-line and created a shadow.
Normally I would be disheartened, but seeing that I didn’t notice this issue until the very end of the day, I didn’t care.

Overall I’m very impressed with the overall performance of this mascara, not only did it withhold my original curl, but the black pigment never faded.
It did what it stated on the tube, I couldn’t agree more with the false lash effect.
This product ticks all the boxes, well done YSL.

This image was taken just before I headed into work, both eyes look rather similar, slight differences but they both have mascara on.


Fundamentally, when I initially applied lash paradise I was amazed with the length, but seconds passed and I started to notice my lashes sink.
This sadly meant that the formula was too heavy for my lashes, this sank my expectations…Which meant that I didn’t expect this to last 5 minutes.
Before I walked out the door I looked in the mirror and was slightly angered that my lashes didn’t match, the YSL side stood out, whereas L’Oreal descended.

Hours passed and L’Oreal still remained on my lashes, my curl faded away but the length and pigment still withheld. Points for a long-lasting formula, but deduction for not being able to hold a curl.
I strongly believe that  if you have natural thick and curly eyelashes, this product will work wonders, but for consumers with thin straight lashes, (like myself), this product is an utter nightmare.

The only aspect that outshone YSL is the fact that it didn’t transfer underneath my eye, pleased that I didn’t end the day on panda eyes, but due to the fact that it didn’t hold my curl I’m not interested.
Harsh? Maybe, but it’s not meeting my overall needs…I want a mascara that will last all day, and actually holds my curl.

Excuse the melting make-up, but this image was taken after I came home from work. Both eyes have dropped, the left side more so, but as you can see there is slight smudging on the YSL side.


From first impressions my heart was stolen by the enchanting YSL false lash effect mascara, I know looks aren’t everything but the overall formula won my heart over. The fact that it was able to hold an artificial curl I created with an eyelash curler; still stuns me.
I’m simple and easy to please, I didn’t go into the mindset that YSL was the overall winner, as I still enjoyed L’Oreal lash paradise, but it doesn’t work for my specific lash type.
I can see this being a holy-grail product for so many people, but my lashes have ridiculous requirements, which means this time round I have to pay the higher price.
I’m more than happy to pay £26 as it meets me needs, for me this is an investment and I will continue to purchase unless something else catches my wondering eye.

Right Little Ones, that’s it for today’s blog post I really do hope you enjoyed the read, if you want to see more content like this then please do let me know.
I really loved creating this, I can’t wait to try this out on other products!
If you are interested in any of the products mentioned above, I will place them down below for you.
Remember to stay safe and stay tuned, I love you Little Ones! x x x



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