Good afternoon Little Ones! I’ve had a beautiful morning which consisted of: tidying the apartment, exercising and taking far too much time to apply my make-up.
Doesn’t sound too productive or thrilling, but I’m exceedingly content.
For the past few days I’ve transformed into the baking queen, for instance I managed to perfect profiteroles on my first attempt … Needless to say I was over the moon.
But, I’ve missed nestling into the sofa, laptop on hand and ideas travelling throughout my brain.
Could you guess what I’m doing right now? Just that.
I’m in my zen-zone, Origins product on my left green tea on my right.
Now to the main event, if you wish to hear about my personal thoughts on this particular product scroll down below and enjoy!


Before I go ahead and spill the beans I’m going to briefly state my skin type, for instance it could work tremendously on my skin but not on others. Several years ago when I decided to take both my skin-care and make-up seriously, I gathered very quickly that I had exceedingly dry skin.
Annoyingly this meant that on several occasions my make-up would either turn out perfectly, or my foundation would grip onto each dry-patch to the point I would furiously start over.
I would say the driest areas would be my t-zone, where most people gather their natural oils mine remain non-existent.
When it comes to prepping my foundation I use a heavy duty moisturiser, a new favorite being the Origins Gin Zing energy boosting gel, (blog post coming soon).
I don’t normally use a real primer as I find that it’s too heavy for my skin, but today that changes.


Simple, dainty and organic.
These 3 words directly sums up Origins, as well as this primer. I wasn’t blown away by the packing, but I don’t believe that Origins overall goal is to look fantastic, but to wow everyone with the contents inside; (which I’ve always had a positive experience with). The playful pink shade screams innocence, it gently places a smile across my face as it reminds me of my childhood.
Convenient, the tiny tin-can adds a refreshing element, it’s cool to the touch and typically anything coming out of a spray-can is chilly; which is perfect on a sweltering day. Not only does the product come out with ease, you can take this primer anywhere with it being pocket-size.
Something else to mention would be the funnel the product dispenses from, because it’s so tight the primer comes out in a uniform manor.
Doesn’t spray all over the place, (which is what I expected in a compressed can), but it’s clean and refreshing, ticks all the boxes in the packaging department.


Ice-cold, as soon as you place this on your face you are instantly refreshed.
The technology behind this innovative feature happens by applying a frosty product directly to the skin, the initial reaction is for the pours to shrink, therefore when it comes to blending the foundation, the perfect layer has ultimately been produced.
Origins managed to create a primer which creates a window for you to apply the primer and foundation, ensuring a flawless appearance.
Something I noticed when applying this primer is that the smell is exceedingly potent, from reading the ingredients I can take a wild guess that it’s the famous willowherb. My partner Chis stated, “it smells like paint thinner” … I can confirm from my perspective that it doesn’t, but everyone’s perception varies.
It’s strong but it’s not the end of the world.

To give this product a fair chance I let it settle into the skin for a couple of moments, simply because with other primers I grew impatient and applied my foundation right after … Which made everything bunch up, which forced me to start over.
Traditionally I used my holy-grail foundation, (Chanel VITALUMIÈRE AQUA), I thought this foundation applied beautifully on it’s own, but my breath was taken away … I never knew that this foundation could appear like silk. Each bounce of my BeautyBlender sent pleasure waves to my brain, I was gobsmacked by my quintessential skin, I can say that as it simply was.
I would never speak so highly of my skin, but it looked like it had been kissed by angels themselves.
First impressions, I was obviously impressed it blew me away with how easy and flawless it made my foundation appear. Now it was time to test longevity.
The 1 hour mark came around and my foundation looked exactly the same from initial application. But, without primer this foundation would last 5 hours before any wear signs showed.
The sun started the settle, it was time to check my face … Hopefully my foundation hadn’t melted, given the weather that I’ve been experiencing.
I had been wearing my make-up for 7 hours and it still looked fantastic, there were obvious signs that I still had foundation on my face, but given the weather, and the time this had sat on my face I was impressed.

All in all Little Ones, this primer won me over which I never thought would happen. I thought primer was one of those products which beauty bloggers swore by, and made you feel that you can’t live without it. Annoyingly, once you’ve found the perfect primer I can truly vouch for that statement.
I never thought I would say that, and by no means have I ruled out every primer, but I can say that I can’t imagine my make-up routine without this product.
In relation to price this primer costs a fair £27 … Which sounds like a lot but a little goes a long way, I have no idea how long this is going to last, but the information I have read, it’s between 1-2 months; which is pretty fair considering I will be using this every day.
As you know this is the end of the blog post, but this product blew my socks off, Origins you’ve done it again, is there anything you are not good at?
Anyhow, I hope you all enjoy the rest of you day, and I will see you again very soon! If you are interested in this particular product the link is down below! And no this blog post isn’t sponsored, (wish it was though).
I love you all so very much, remember to stay safe and stay tuned! x x x


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