Good evening Little Ones! IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) took over the steering wheel longer than anticipated, but I’m in control once again!
Speaking about IBS, I wanted to ensure that my diet was at it’s peak; I’ve cut out dairy, gluten and sugar, (as much necessary).
In order to gain control I decided to invest my time and money into Graze, (and no this isn’t sponsored).
On a weekly basis I’m going to be conducting a new series, which will entail, ‘what’s in my Graze box?’
If this isn’t your cup of tea I would highly suggest reading a completely different blog post, (check out the suggestions down below).
But, if this sounds right up your street scroll below and see what information you find.
Without any further or do, let’s find out what’s in this weeks Graze box!


First impressions, Graze put a tremendous amount of effort into how their product is portrayed. The simplistic, crisp and radiant exterior differentiates their brand from any other subscription service, firstly it’s compact so that it slides into any postbox with ease; you don’t have to lurk around your home praying that your package comes through the door so you can finally escape.
Graze gives you the ability to live a flexible life, and if you are too anxious you can change the delivery day for when it’s most suitable for your situation.
With each box you receive comes a new exciting colour, (I know it may not bother most customers), but I for sure look forward to my next package, presentation is everything!
Amy, enough about the packaging move onto the yummy goodies inside!


As soon as you open this treasure you are met with 4 delicious tailored snacks, (how are they tailored?), well when you sign up to the service you are able to tick certain boxes for dietary requirements.
For example, I decided to tick dairy free as I know my stomach can’t handle you guessed it … Dairy!
This way you are able to get your hands on random snacks without worrying if you can eat them!
Also, with each box your given a tiny leaflet which informs you about each individual snack nutritional value, calories and energy.


This snack alongside with the carrot cake is what caught my attention first, my sweet tooth is out of this world … If I can have a sweet treat without the guilty pleasure I’m all ears!
You can also see that I cracked this snack open, luckily enough it was time for me to snack. My expectations were high as I’ve purchased Graze snacks before, and this was utterly scrumptious, crunchy and satisfying in all the right places. Knowing that Graze sells these in packs of 6 makes me content … I know what I’m ordering in the next few days!
If you have an addiction to sweets, and loves the taste of cinnamon I would give this a go!


This looks like the perfect savory snack, especially when it’s that time of the month … I go completely crazy for savory snacks, literally emotional. Luckily enough I know Chris isn’t chomping on my Graze snacks, due to the fact I’ve ordered these online, (I’ve even convinced him to subscribe to Graze).
I’ve haven’t tried these yet, but if they are just as good as the previous snack I have nothing to worry about. Besides, it’s all about trying new things!


Like most humans we are all lacking something, for me personally it’s B12 and vitamin E, I don’t deal with stress well it’s something that can knock me out for days, having a snack that boosts my energy and keeps me calm is a dream. I have no idea if this works, but I know the ingredients listed is bursting with vitamin E.
Something I wouldn’t usually reach for but what I’ve tired previously clearly hasn’t worked, so I’ve now placed my diet and poor eating habits under Graze so I can become a healthier human.


Yes I know, there is no picture of the carrot cake … I may have already eaten that snack before I had the chance to take the final images. All I can say is that it was yummy.
The sponge was so moist, I didn’t even know a cake could be that wet … And in a good way! The tea provided wasn’t the best, (but I’m not a fan of tea in the first place), but Chris for sure adored it.
I can’t wait for the day I get this in the post once again!

Little Ones, this is now the end of my blog post I really do hope you enjoyed this read! It was defiantly something different, I never would have thought I would be writing about a subscription service, but here I am … Writing about a subscription service!
Remember I will be doing these every Monday, I know it’s Tuesday but my delivery is every Monday.
If you don’t like this specific content I will be producing something different each day!
I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening, I will see you again tomorrow with a product review!
Remember to stay safe and stay tuned Little Ones! x x x

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