Good evening Little Ones! I’m back again with another Graze unboxing, and no this blog post isn’t sponsored by Graze I’m simply obsessed with the product.
That being said I do have to be honest, I have been sent a code in which you guys can use, input the code: AMYM9ZR9P to get your 1st 5th and 10th box free!
If you want to know more about Graze and their fantastic service click the link below:
Now, if you want to venture into what I received this week from Graze swipe below have a sneak peek, without any further or do, let’s get grazing!


Each time I peel back the tape I can feel the excitement, with each week I’m met with 4 scrumptious snacks, (dairy free) as my stomach can’t withstand delicious cream … Not worth the time on the toilet. That’s something I can admire Graze for, they never exclude anybody from trying their products, no matter the dietary requirement, Graze have your back.
Amy enough chit-chat, what’s inside?
Without any dramatic drum-roll, (or detail) the 4 new snacks this week are: apple&carrot defense, beetroot crunch, cherry, pear&walnut energiser and last but not least honeycomb flapjack (my personal favourite).


This snack in particular caught my attention as I adore apple, (every apple flavored sweet always remains the favourite, in my household anyway). They are the queen of all fruits, combined with fantastic, interesting and premium ingredients which conducts the perfect concoction.
I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this snack, I know it’s going to be heavenly as I still haven’t had the reaction of, ‘that wasn’t my cup of tea’.
What makes this interesting in my mind is the bunch of different textures, you have the squishy apple pieces, along with the crunchy almonds and chewy carrots … There is so much going on, how could you hate this?


Not going to lie, when I first saw this creation I was rather skeptical … Due to the fact I’m not the biggest fan of beetroot, until I read in-between the fine lines and discovered that the beetroot elements were crispy, instead of it being sopping wet … I could enjoy this vegetable as a healthy crisp; which made me feel optimistic about what I was going to ingest in the near future.
The colours are magical, the mixture between the beetroot, chickpeas and sunflower seeds conducted food innovation … I’ve been to Wholefoods, (where trendy food is born) and I have never seen anything like this … Maybe I’m easily pleased but this has knocked my socks off.


What a subtle delight, two beautiful fruits and an earthy nut later … And a flawless snack is built, I can state that since Monday I have eaten 2 snacks one being the honeycomb flapjack and the other … Well this one.
I took each element and placed it in my mouth … The flavours made my tongue dance, having this as a post-workout snack made my day, I felt ready to tackle anything, (apart from weights as my arms were screaming after the kettlebells).
It was an utter delight and I can’t wait to see it reappear in my box.


Well hello there sweet thang … See what I did there? I can state this treat was far more smooth than my pick-up-lines.
As soon as I opened my box my eyes were drawn to this, what can I say I have a sweet tooth. I nearly couldn’t wait, and the thought of not having a picture was tempting, but I fought my urges and sat down waiting an extra 10 minutes so I could capture the perfect image, (or as near as).
I was shocked that something reasonably healthy tasted so wonderful … Gosh I want another one so bad.
Out of the ENTIRE box, this was my favourite, I might have to order some online.

Right Little Ones, this is now the end of my blog post! It was lovely to sit back and let my fingers do the work, besides this is something I’m passionate about … Graze is changing my life, and for the better.
Like I’ve mentioned previously, if you are interested in Graze click the link below and check them out, you might just find something you love.
Remember to stay safe and stay tuned, see you soon! X x x

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