Whichever you want to call it they all stand by the same means, phrases which stimulate self assurance, growth and the ability to get back on track.
It’s all well and good having numerous motivational quotes to start your personal journey, but that will only take you so far … You need to find the strength to continue without relying on other resources.
Since March I decided to showcase my fitness transformation on the wonderful social media platform Instagram … Shockingly I didn’t expect to receive tonnes of questions regarding how I stay motivated, one of which I will share in another blog post.
What works well for me may not be beneficial for you, 
this blog post is targeted for various individuals who start and continue their fitness routine differently. 

“I want to change my life”.
We automatically dive into what society thinks is best, switching our diets and hitting the treadmill … For the first few weeks you feel fantastic, results are fast and furious and compliments are cashing in.
Then you hit a wall.
Falling back into your old habits, laying on the sofa watching endless tv series.
Why do you think that is?
Instead of adhering to what society wants you to do, find your own personal reasoning for WHY you want to better your life.
I’m not suggesting that you lose weight and eat kale for the rest of your life … You can only seek consistent progress if you are willing to make the change in the first place.  
Time to crack open your notebook, as I can assure you somewhere in this blog post you will find something helpful.

Set small measurable goals that will help you achieve your overall goal:

What are your goals? Write them down right now and keep them there.
Why do you want to change your life? What is it about yourself that is holding you back from self-actualization?

Is weight the issue? Lack of muscle definition? Mental health?
These are real life setbacks which occur on a day-to-day basis, but are you going to let that control the outcome of your goal?
If weight is the issue hold your hand up … How much do you want to lose? Write that down also.
Sounds unachievable right? Well you are wrong, we are going to put a system in place where you are going to crush your goal.

Let’s throw numbers around, you want to lose let’s say 3 stone, how are you going to achieve that goal?

Let’s make it realistic.

Decide on a sensible timeframe for how long you think it will take to conquer the overall objective.
Not only will this give you the opportunity to regularly check your progress but it will remind you not to fall back into your old routine.
Nothing feels better than ticking off achievements which aids towards your overall goal, it makes you feel hope and reassurance that you will do this.

TIP-I can’t express enough that you need to be honest with yourself, there is no point assigning an infeasible time frame when you know deep inside it’s not plausible.

Get others involved:

Whether you’ve recently joined the gym or you are working from home, why not get others involved?
If you struggle with independence and need self-assurance, encouragement and motivation, why not ask a dear friend to join you on your journey?
Let’s start with organisation!
Produce a weekly schedule which includes the following: time and day for when you are going to workout, how long your workout will entail, as well as what you will be working out, abs, legs, arms etc.
Once you have the perfect foundation set in place, not only will it put you in the correct headspace to get back on track, but it will motivate the pair of you to stick to your workout routine.
As time flows by you won’t have to remind yourself to reflect on the weekly schedule as it’ll be embellished within your lifestyle.

TIP-ensure that your partner wants to change for the better, if they aren’t fully committed it will only make it harder to achieve your goal.
Make sure the person or people you pick are genuine, it’ll be an easier journey that way.  

Create the correct headspace: 

You have your goals and ambitions set in stone, but what’s the point when you aren’t in the correct headspace?
Take it from someone that suffers with severe anxiety and depression, there are days where I wake up with clear goals and ambitions.
But, that can be stolen from me due to my mental illness … It can sometimes take hours to be fully aware of what I need to accomplish.
In order to get into the right headspace takes courage, patience and willpower, I’m not going to sit here and state how because everyone is different; but what I can say is once you are there you can be true to yourself and work you hardest.
I can also state that numerous times I’ve been in a dark place, and people recommend to workout … But I kept putting myself down, I didn’t give my personal workout my all, and in essence it made me feel worse.
Surround yourself with positive people, do what you think is best … And if that’s sweating it out, go ahead.

For those who are reading this, I really do hope this helped you in some way shape or form … I fully understand that your journey is going to be tough, but you will get back up and achieve more than you think you are capable of.
I am already so proud, now come on and let’s work together.

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