Good evening Little Ones, how have you been? I’ve been prepping for my final year at university, (unfortunately that becomes before anything else).
I know I’ve been lacking on the blog posts lately, please don’t turn into a nagging mother … I get it, I’m really sorry, but I’m back in action, and I can’t wait to share my marvellous experience with a new salon that’s landed in my hometown.
If you are from Hertfordshire, or you are down for the weekend and in need of a make-over, why not head into The Salon Welwyn, or St Albans.
If this sounds like your cup of tea carry on reading below.


Firstly, I think it’s important to mention a few pieces of key information. Number one I was not paid, this blog post isn’t sponsored by The Salon collection in anyway shape or form.
BUT, I was invited to their opening launch in which they provided me with a free service, I could choose between a restyle or a cut & finish.

Considering that not only was my hair length exceedingly frustrating, (getting caught in my armpits), but every-time I would brush through my hair, my split-ends would tickle my fingers.
All in all, it was time to say hello to a brand new hair style, which the Salon kindly gave me free of charge.
And no, they didn’t request for me to write this blog post they were content with me sharing my experience over Instagram … I was going to write this anyway, no matter if I had to pay for the service or not.


Instead of adhering to my instinct of only having an inch off my length, I decided to follow my Pinterest inspiration, of which entailed a drastic change, (for me anyway).
Several layers intertwined to create the perfect girl next door appearance.
Seeing that my hair is thick, outrageous and stubborn I decided to make the change and go for it … It’s only hair, it will grow back.


Delivering isn’t about the end result, it’s about creating the perfect journey from when you enter the salon, to closing the door.
I can confidently state that Dan (the manager) did just that … From the personal greeting to getting to know me, as well as doing a fantastic job, he created the perfect package.
His attention to detail was uncanny … Before he cut my hair he showed me how much he was going to cut off, and actually stood by his own guidance.

This may sound silly, but I’ve had numerous of stylists which have “shown me” but instead taken charge and cut what “they thought was best”.
Throughout the entire experience the conversation was flowing, I couldn’t stop smiling and best of all I couldn’t wait to show off my hair!

I want to say a massive thank you to Dan, (if you are reading this), and The Salon Welwyn for giving me the opportunity to test drive your overall salon experience.
I can’t recommend this salon enough, try it out for yourself!

If you want to check out their prices and services head over to their website, I’ll link it down below for you!
Have a wonderful evening Little ones, I’ll see you tomorrow with a product review, remember to stay safe and stay tuned! X x x

The Salon Welwyn website

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