Good afternoon Little Ones! Finally, my favourite time of year has flourished, goodbye sweaty backs , tank-tops and cheeky shorts.
But, a warm welcome to oversized jumpers, mugs that are far too hot to handle and candles which cause safety hazards.
Autumn makes my heart ooze like fondant … The fiery ombre leaves, crunchy acorns and continuous conkers are sweet reminders of complete relaxation.

Just like each season there are several items which remain vital, I’m not saying you need to buy these branded products, but to celebrate autumns short stay, use this list to your advantage.
If you want to find out what I can’t live without this autumn, continue reading!


Just like many of you, candles really come to life in autumn … But for fall fanatics like myself I like to wind down by running a steaming hot bath with my favourite companion (Jo Malone peony & blush suede candle) on the very last day of August.
Slightly keen, but someone’ has to do it.
I’ve been through several trials and tribulations to find the ultimate candle, (believe me when you are as specific as me it’s a tedious task).

Shockingly my search came to an end when I wondered into Jo Malone and came across the peony & blush suede candle … Now, I’m not an overall floral kind of woman, but this had a masculine hint which turned me on, (I’m strange can’t you tell?)
I adore scents that can be used for all occasions, if you know what I mean.
Anyhow, finding your signature autumnal scent can be difficult but it can be achieved with patience (and a great taste in candles).


While we are still riding the waves of scents I must say that having your home bursting at the seams with candles isn’t enough … We need to take it a step further.
Don’t worry, as your autumnal God Mother I will guide you through the correct path of choosing your iconic fall aroma.

Now, perfumes are selected due to personal preference but I do urge you to try something you wouldn’t normally go for.
Autumn is all about expression, why else would Halloween be born at such a tremendous time of year?
As mentioned previously I’m not a massive flower fan, but I fell in love with the peony & blush suede candle that I did indeed purchase the matching cologne, what can I say I’m a sucker for Jo Malone.


Annoyingly, there are several rules and regulations to perfect the iconic autumnal make-up … Is my lipstick too dark? Does this eyeshadow swallow my eye sockets? Does my complexion appear ghostly?
Without looking like you’ve just stumbled out of a zombie casting, I’m going to list key versatile make-up products which you need this season.

Tom Ford Honeymoon Eye Quad:

For a fellow novice in the eyeshadow department I never understood the impact this product made on an overall makeup look. After hours of pulling my hair out, heading into far too many cosmetic counters and endless swatching … I located the dreamy Tom Ford honeymoon quad.

In a nutshell these shades symbolise pure autumn, who else can look at the fiery copper and rich plum and not think about drinking a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks?
Anyhow, after using this exquisite product a few times I managed to create several alluring looks all of which I reluctantly wiped away at the end of each day.

As I’ve mentioned previously I don’t expect you to chase down each Tom Ford concession and purchase this product,  £68 is highly expensive.
But, I highly recommend that you include both a copper and blazing orange shade, both colours compliments the majority of complexions; and if I can pull it off so can you.

Cheaper alternatives:

NYX Professional Makeup Machinist Shadow Palette-GRIND-£25
Maybelline Burgundy Bar Eyeshadow Palette-£11.99
L’Oreal Paris Paradise Eyeshadow Palette-CHERRY MY CHERI-£14.99

Mac matte lipstick-Diva:

The bread to my butter. The pumpkin to my pie. The hocus to my pocus.
Lips remain the most attractive feature on humans, (in my opinion anyway). They signify pure power and seduction.

In order to complete the ultimate autumnal makeup look, you have to nail the lips! Please, please please don’t clash … The last thing you want is to look like you’ve ran into a bus.
Unless that’s your Halloween costume?

Autumn devotees take appearance very seriously … Let me remind you.
If you are producing a masterpiece on your eyelids, don’t bury your lips by smothering them with the wrong shade of lipstick!
You want to enhance specific features on your face, go for a daring lip accompanied with a soft eye or vice versa.
A bold lipstick that comes to mind is the Mac matte lipstick in the shade diva, try and say that 10 times fast!

In order to replicate the vampire appearance this will become your go-to lipstick! It screams sultry and venturesome.
On the other hand, for my subtle sweeties out there I have an endless list for spicy nude lipsticks.
If you want to take the stance of a pumpkin spiced latte I have you covered!
A simple smokey eye paired with an effortless lip is dreamy! Products that spring to mind are:

Mac matte lipstick-yash-£17.50
Mac matte lipstick-velvet teddy-£17.50
Maybelline superstay matte ink-poet-£9.99
Rimmel London by Kate nude collection-43-£5.49
Rimmel London by Kate nude collection-40-£5.49
Chanel rouge coco-434 mademoiselle-£31


Fashionable flask:

For someone that claims to live and breath autumn each year it tumbles around, I’ve never owned a flask … Call me a fraud. Whenever I envisioned brisk seasons I paired these occasions with humans huddled beneath endless blankets, with their frail hands clasping a toasty flask.
I was once a phoney but I now own a handy little helper, (S’well birch bottle) … Long story short I’ve fallen in love.
Whether I desire a refreshing beverage or a silky smooth hot chocolate, my flask continues to maintain the temperature.  

Endless throws:

As autumn tenderly approaches, it woefully disintegrates the summer blooms and gently sheds frosty particles … The sweet reminder that Jack Frost has arrived.
With his return comes bitter nights, wrapping our scarfs far too tight and burying our souls in thousands of throws.
I’ve lost count with the amount of blankets I have in my wardrobe … I continuously convince myself that I need another one, my excuse being ‘it will match the decor’.

It doesn’t matter what brand you buy, colour or texture … Even if you steal your duvet and form a human-burrito on your sofa, it still counts!
As long as you are situated in front of the television with an oversized mug filled to the brim with hot-chocolate, you are doing autumn right.


Oversized jumpers:

Is it even autumn if you don’t witness thousands of females strutting the street in gargantuan jumpers? I can say I’m guilty of this trend, but it’s one that I always live by, especially during the cooler months.
Not only is it to ensure my limbs don’t roll around, but it’s also fashionable! Although I’m short (and it can appear like I’m wearing my father’s clothes); I roll with it.

Adorable pyjamas:

Put away those slinky booty shorts, and give a warm welcome to homey, cosy and delightful pyjamas.
Nothing screams cuddle me like precious nightwear, besides the chilly nights have finally made an appearance.
I’d rather feel like a toasted marshmallow, even if that means layering like an onion … Not the most sensual time of year (sorry Christopher), but it’s cute nonetheless.

These pyjama sets from Hush are the embodiment of adorable … I tried the star piped flannel set (bright pink assortment), and they are super comfy, made for days where you want to lounge around and do absolutely nothing.

Right Little Ones, this is now the end of my blog post! This has taken me quite a while to produce but I feel extremely proud, probably my favourite blog post yet.
Now that I have accumulated a realistic timetable around my job, university and several hobbies, I feel confident that I will be able to stick to it!

My aim is to post at least 3 blog posts a week! Fingers crossed everything stays consistent!
Remember to stay safe and stay tuned! x x x

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