Good morning Little Ones! Aren’t you shocked to see yet another blog post, let’s keep this going!
Now that I’ve established a manageable schedule you will be seeing a lot more of me, (or reading, however which way you want to put it).
Now, let’s cut to the chase Hush have released a new collection … Before you rush and scroll through thousands of dreamy images, I just want to give you a little insight.

The new winter 2018 collection represents several charming stories, ranging from: glamorous nights out, relaxed weekdays and cosy sleepovers.
Whichever category you fall into I can guarantee Hush will have you covered.
Now that’s out the way lets crack onto the main event!


Holy smokes.
My instant reaction as I stepped foot into the pop-up store … I believe I’ve lent a helping hand for 5 weeks, and this brand never fails to amaze me.
I’ve never seen pyjamas presented so elegantly with a touch of girl next door … Completely opposite propositions, but in this context they mesh beautifully.

Each magical design, material and style coordinates hand-in-hand. Despite the amount of diverse patterns, they don’t clash.
If you are looking for a sensational cosy evening outfit (to show up your friends), look no further!
My personal favourite are the Star Piped Flannel Pyjamas (flamingo pink), they are exceedingly comfortable, I could’ve tucked myself away if I wasn’t on duty.

Products to choose from:


Delightful right?
I will find any excuse to wear an oversized jumper no matter the season, even if I stick out like a sore thumb during summer.
In terms of Hush’s new releases I couldn’t stop flailing around! I can guarantee I was driving my fiancé insane, but it was all for good reason, these knitwear pieces are marvellous!

My initial reaction to walking into the pop-up and being greeted by so many knitwear wonders was overwhelming, I couldn’t stop picking up each item and imagining them with several outfit options.
Which made me want to purchase the majority of the store! (Hush you are awful for my wallet).

Moving onto particular products, the Twiggy jumper caught my eye by bringing back innocent memories of Harry Potter, I can imagine Hermione Granger swamping herself with this item of clothing.
When I tried this product on, automatically the nostalgia of being sat by the fire, opening Christmas presents surrounded by loving family members came to life.

Products to choose from:


I’m not a shoe fiend, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted to purchase these lavish luxuries.
Emerald conjoined with leopard print, sign me up.
The new edition to the family just so happened to be the Chilton Heels, a pure taste of elegance which is just my cup of tea; the amount of restraint it took for me to not walk out with them was a struggle.
Especially after I tried them on, and believe me they made my outfit killer!

Now, if heels aren’t your game not to worry Hush have provided the ultimate snuggle-buddy for your toes, let me welcome the Arundel Slippers, (the bright pink fuzz balls).
I placed my feet in these cuties, and I thought they’d fell asleep!

Products to choose from:


My oh my aren’t we spoilt for choice, so many shiny things I’ve lost count!
I felt like a magpie hunting for their next treasure, mine just so happened to be the Roman Coin Necklace, I haven’t stopped wearing it since I purchased it a couple of weeks ago.

To my surprise when the new winter collection dropped they interjected fresh jewellery, just to enhance my impulse buying behaviour.
One item which jumped out was the Outline Star Hooks, first and foremost I’m a sucker for anything dipped in silver, secondly … Have you seen the star emblem? How trendy!

Products to choose from:

Right Little Ones, this is now the end of my blog post! I hope you enjoyed this read of several recommendations it was slightly different from what I usually produce.
If you want more content like this please do let me know! I will see you again, (tomorrow hopefully) with a hair update!
I love you all so very much, remember to stay safe and stay tuned! X x x

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