Welcome back to yet another blog post, I’ve been cooped up in Cambridge admiring the cobbled bricks, uneasy pathways and homely alleyways.
Truth be told, I was trying to vlog my wholesome adventure until my camera decided it was time to sleep, nonetheless I’m sat in another coffee shop letting my thoughts run wild.

In other news, I’ve recently transformed my hair (not me personally), after desperately wanting the black to fade away, several stylists managed to work their magic.
It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but eventually my dream came true and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.
If you want to check out my complete hair transformation, scroll below!


Before we dive in the deep-end, I have to inform you about the history of my hair, don’t worry I won’t bore you!
Once upon a time I decided to go down the path of balayage, it was a way of going blonde without committing … Besides don’t blondes have more fun?

Anyhow, I endured a cruel fate which lead me to dye my hair completely black … I won’t go into details, but to say I wasn’t impressed was an understatement.
Nearly two years on and the black had disappeared from my roots and ends … But remained cemented in the middle of my hair, (typically known as banding).

In order to strip black from someones hair it takes: dedication, patience and tones of colour-remover … Have I mentioned patience?
It’s a continuous process which took several appointments, but my talented stylists managed to pull it out the bag!



As shown in the image above, my hair was a dark brown, with a ‘hint’ of black … In certain angles you couldn’t tell, but I knew it was there which bothered me dearly.
I knew from the get-go that heaps of work was required, I never expected to go platinum blonde I just wanted the godforsaken black stripped!


Yes. I was utterly aware that my hair signified a forest fire. But, to be perfectly honest I was horrified, even though I knew what to expect it was still shocking to see my hair in such an unimaginable state.
Although, I was flabbergasted that the black disintegrated within a couple of hours! The aftermath was realistic, but it made me eager for what was to come next.
Goodbye banding and hello gorgeous balayage!


Hallelujah … For a long period of time (over a year to be precise) I loathed my hair, the thick black banding took away my confidence.
After watching 2 dedicated stylists tackle my hair (believe me it was both entertaining and intense to witness), I had finally been given balayage I truly deserved.

Although no major damage was caused I still decided to cut a healthy inch off my hair, knowing in the back of my mind I would be reunited within a couple of months.
Besides, it let me experiment what life was like with a long-bob (which is pretty interesting), I felt a little disappointed when I was flicking back through old pictures.

Now, I hope you enjoyed this read, I will be uploading another blog post next week (after all my assignments for the 1st semester are submitted).
Have a wonderful day and I look forward to seeing you again! Remember to stay safe and stay tuned! X x x

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