Good afternoon Little Ones, happy New Year! Gosh, I bet you’ve heard that time and time again.
It’s been a couple of months since I’ve sat down and actually contemplated writing a blog post, it’s not like I don’t have the drive or passion … But my headspace has been hectic.
Numerous times I’ve tried to make my words come to life, but unfortunately it’s been rather daunting.
Anyhow, you are here for a review so let’s crack into the juicy bits!


As mentioned in previous blog posts, I have VERY pale and dry skin … Isn’t that the best combination?
Finding a foundation shade that ACTUALLY matches my complexion deems impossible, but brands such as: Estēe Lauder and Chanel have managed to produce the perfect potion.
For a foundation to even be considered to stay within my make-up collection it has to have the following attributes:

  • Hydration (doesn’t enhance dry patches)
  • Longevity
  • Dewy finish
  • Matches my skin-tone


Profoundly, I should mention this was my first experience trying a cushion foundation … And I wasn’t impressed with the concept.
Overall, I thought it would be exceedingly handy to pop this in my handbag for “on-the-go” touch ups, which I still agree with.
BUT, the fundamental issue was my compact, not only did it not shut properly but the cushion itself was so awkward to squeeze an accurate amount of foundation onto my sponge.

Due to this the product was unevenly distributed, in order to cover the entirety of my face I had to dunk into the cushion 3 times!
Although the foundation looked beautiful from first glance, my skin felt overly greasy but only for the duration of 10 minutes, once dried I didn’t have an issue.


Once the foundation dried down the other factor was to witness if it meshed well with other holy-grail products.
Another boxed ticked, my Chanel bronzer looked flawless as well as my Laura Mercier stardust glow palette.

In terms of the overall finish, it makes my skin appear airbrushed without feeling heavy … I will admit that I didn’t expect the result to be so seamless, (due to the greasy feeling from application); but once it settles into the skin I can’t fault the product.

Although, in terms of longevity the cracks start to show near the 3 hour mark … The foundation started to melt around certain points, more-so the forehead and tip of my nose, which also happens to be the driest elements of my face.
I will admit that this compact is easy to throw in your handbag and touch-up throughout the day, but for such a high price point I would expect to wear this foundation 6 hours plus before doing so.


I’m a firm believer of “you get what you pay for”, but in this instance I’m heavily disappointed, after trials and tribulations with different products I came to the conclusion that this foundation is just OK … But, why should I or you guys pay £59 for just OK?
The overall finish was beautiful but it melted away far too quickly, which is shocking despite the fact I have VERY dry skin!

I could clearly understand if this foundation didn’t perform due to oily skin, but seeing that I was recommended this particular product by the consultant herself, I was shocked to not see it perform like she said it would.
With performance aside, I loathe the way in which the product is dispensed, it’s extremely difficult to place an accurate amount of foundation on your skin, not only this but my closing mechanism doesn’t work correctly.


Before people rush to conclusions, this foundation isn’t awful I just don’t think it’s worth the drastic price point.
Now, I’m all for paying an exceedingly high price for a make-up item, (due to the fact I’m trialing foundations for my upcoming wedding).
But, please don’t waste your money on this product!

I’m still hunting for the ultimate foundation, and at the moment Estēe Lauder double-wear nude is sitting high on the thrown.

I hope you lovely people enjoyed this blog post, I indeed loved writing it! Have a wonderful day and I will see you soon!

Stay safe and stay tuned Little Ones,

Amy X

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