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Good morning wonderful people!
I’m back yet again with another insight of the complete Hush spring collection, aren’t the colours enchanting?
I’m more than ready to step into a new season … Thank you next winter!
Now, all we need is the weather to match!

Although, is there any harm starting early? I’ve already seen the odd human strolling around in a t-shirt!
Anyhow, you came here for the juicy bits, scroll along to see the dreamy new collection!


Isla Sunglasses:

Did someone say rose gold? I’m a sucker for anything that resembles a tinge of pink embedded in metal … I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.
Wow, if you couldn’t already tell I’ve been listening to Ariana Grandes brand new album, ‘thank you next’ far TOO much.

Slight side track, we are here to talk about sunglasses!
Hush have released a couple of pairs, but I’ve decided to showcase my personal favourites, the Isla sunglasses being one of them.
Incorporate a modern classic within your wardrobe, although if that’s far too daring you will LOVE the Bardot Sunglasses presented below.

Bardot Sunglasses:

For my traditional women out there, to be honest even though I favour the Isla finish, I do prefer these ones.
They have a Chanel feel to them, (but a faction of the cost).
If you adore the chunky traditional route, (like myself) these will become your new travel companion; I know I will be purchasing these for my trip to Vienna in July.

Cactus Brooch:

How cute is this little guy? Pop this petite brooch onto any attire: jacket, sweater or purse; add slight character without doing anything drastic.
You could even go the extra mile and match the Embellished Cactus Tee, the more the merrier right?


Woodstock Sandals:

Hercules who? Now, I tried these on in store and they are super comfortable, I can imagine walking along the beach feeling toasty sand between my toes.
These sandals scream holiday … Which reminds me that I’m in need of a sandy getaway.
Perhaps I can wear these on my honeymoon to Greece next year?

Dinton Slingback Flats:

If I had seen these years ago I would have given a side eye … But, now I’m obsessed with leopard print!
I don’t know if it’s because I work for the company, but Hush seem to do leopard print the correct way.
Eye-catching yet classy … These will spice up simple work attire, I can’t wait to head into the pop-up and pick up a pair, (my bosses are aware I’m a slight impulse buyer).


Oakland Washed Raglan Top:

Oversized and comfortable, what else do you need to make the perfect sweater? I know, add vibrant yellow and portray your inner confidence throughout the transition period from Winter to Spring!
Although this shade doesn’t do my complexion wonders, I’ve opted for Yucca, I want to be bright and colourful too!

Melanie Top:

I remember when Hush launched this item last year, (when I first starting working for the company), and it was a massive hit!
I’m so happy to see it yet again, this time in more colours: Spectra Green and Black!
The main body (100% Polyester) adds a magical floaty element, which when the sun decides to say hello will make all the difference!

Lucky Tee:

How adorable is this tee! If my size was available when I headed into the pop-up I would have purchased this … But I always have this Sunday, (I’m slightly addicted to Hush clothing).
Spectra green will look stunning on any complexion, besides everyone needs to add to their tee collection every once in a while.

Dusty Striped Shirt:

Nothing beats a classical striped oversized shirt, especially when the weather heats up! Feel comfortable and trendy.
This would have been perfect when I visited France back in 2017 … This could also be a possibility for Vienna this July!

Sign off:

Hopefully you discovered new inspiration for your Spring wardrobe … I know I did, (and it needs to stop because my closet is bursting at the seams).
Within the next few weeks I’m sure you will see a similar blog post, evidently with my favourite picks.

But, if you want to check out the website for further ideas, or read into the above products I’ll link it down below!
Anyhow, have a lovely day!

Love Amy x

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