Product regrets | Cosmetics edition

Don’t waste your money!

Welcome back! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, (disturbing Chris’s beauty sleep); and I’m just about to prepare a wonderful Valentines breakfast.
But, before I crack down to business I thought I would discuss ridiculous cosmetics purchases I’ve made previously.

Not only were they overpriced, but they didn’t live up to their gargantuan price-point, (in my opinion).
Without any further or do, let’s put these products to shame!

ARMANI | To Go Cushion Foundation:

You may have already noticed, but I’ve previously reviewed this product here on the blog.
I wasn’t too kind, bearing in mind I paid £59 (now shot up to £61), it’s utterly bizarre and frustrating why the RRP is so high, when the performance reaches average standards.

I believe in ‘you get what you pay for’, I also don’t mind splurging on a foundation, (if it does the job).
But, not only didn’t this foundation melt off my face within a short period of time, it dried out within 3 weeks!
The only positive aspects about this product is: the packaging is marvellous, the finish is OK, and it simply says Armani.

Alternative dewy foundations (Amy’s favourites):

  • ESTĒE LAUDER-Double Wear Nude Water Foundation

ESTĒE LAUDER | Sumptuous Knockout Mascara:

Before I discovered my now holy grail mascara (Charlotte Tilbury Volume 2), I was trailing various products to tame my ever so difficult lashes.
Unfortunately, this Estēe Lauder mascara didn’t make the final cut … In terms of application I find it easier than the Charlotte Tilbury; due to the thin wand.

I can also say that it lengthened my lashes beautifully, but instead of holding a curl, (like it states) my lashes insisted on sticking out straight.
I can see how this would work wonders for individuals who already have curly lashes; but for people like me (who have straight stubborn lashes); we NEED a heavy duty mascara!
Regarding price, I thought it was fair retailing for £26 it’s only £1 more than the Charlotte Tilbury Volume 2.
Although it didn’t work for me, I can see the potential in this product.

CHANEL | Le Vernis rouge essentiel:

Yes ladies and gentleman … We have a Chanel product, shock horror!
But for VERY good reason, although this product radiates beauty, and the colour is stunning; the execution was disappointing.
Although the small brush head provided makes application simple and quick, and the colour radiant once applied.

The drying time is far TOO LONG, it took a total of 2 hours before I could do anything productive, and it chipped off the very next day!
And that’s even with their top coat applied!
I wouldn’t have minded if I paid £5, but this retailed for £22 which I find unexceptable.

BAREMINERALS | Luxe Shine Lipstick:

Before I type anything else this purchase was my fault, I hold my hands up high!
I purchased this product purely on the shade name-frenchie.
It’s a little inside joke (that isn’t overall funny), I have an OBSESSION with French bulldogs, and I just so happen to call them frenchie.

I didn’t even bother looking at the shade, the lady said £18 and I handed over my card willingly.
Now, when I swatched this lipstick … The regret sank in, it was far too bright for my complexion and I hated the overall colour.
The lipstick formula was fantastic, really pigmented and it glided on like a dream … The shade just isn’t for me.

MAC | Powder Kiss Lipstick:

Nothing but fantastic reviews, and I can see how this lipstick would remain “top seller”, but once delivered and swatched on my mouth, I had to take it straight off my lips.
No it wasn’t a shade malfunction, I ADORED the finish and the colour (my tweedy).
But, the odour that oozed into my nostrils was overwhelming … It smells like straight chemicals.

I thought there was something wrong with me, so I asked Chris to smell the lipstick, and he said, “is that out of date because it shouldn’t smell like that right?”
I couldn’t test the overall performance of the product as I didn’t have it on long enough.
But, within the next few weeks I’ll happily head into a Mac store and test it out, as I think £17.50 is a great price point, not so fantastic when it reeks of poison.

NARS | Luminous Weightless Foundation:

Nars … You did me dirty on my 21st Birthday.
I remember when this foundation launched and being exceedingly excited to get my hands on it!
This was going to be the first (and last) foundation I ordered online … Previously owning the Nars sheer glow foundation, and being matched in store as siberia; I knew exactly what shade to purchase.

The packaged arrived on my 21st Birthday and seeing that I was heading into London I wanted to feel my best.
As soon as I pumped this product onto the back of my hand I knew it was the wrong shade … It was far too yellow for my complexion.
Seeing that I only had 30 minutes to get ready (waiting for my package) I blended this into my skin (tried to anyway).

The foundation kept bunching up in places, as well as clinging dry patches … I took ALL my make-up off, polished and HEAVILY moisturised my skin and it did the same thing.
Frustrated at this point I tried for the 3rd time and the result was disappointing, for £35 I wanted this product to work!

Sign off:

Here we have it, a list of products that I fully regret spending my money on … Some faults of my own, but many resulted in product performance.
Sometimes we purchase cosmetics with a large upfront cost and assume it will perform because of the drastic price-point.

But, that’s not always the case, thus the heavily disappointing conclsuion. Not only have you wasted your money, but it didn’t live up to your expectation.
Anyhow, I hope you have a wonderful Valentines day I should properly get up and make some pancakes!

Love Amy x

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