Top 5 Dairy Free Snack Bars

Snack Bars you can’t live without

If you are like me and find yourself nibbling throughout the day, find something more substantial.
This blog post is designed to broaden your pallet and introduce the benefits of dairy free alternatives.

Graze | Peanut Butter & Dark Cocoa

Since discovering Graze a couple of years ago I’ve loved each product they’ve launched, they offer fantastic replacement products for individuals who are lactose intolerant, (me).
Graze marketed this product not long ago, I wanted to order these online but were sold out within a heartbeat!

Luckily enough I headed into my local Boots and stumbled across their oat millionaire range.
Super tasty, filling and contains 12g of plant protein! Which is perfect for a post snack workout!

Graze | Raspberry & Dark Cacao

As mentioned previously on my trip to Boots I located Grazes oat millionaire collection, the other concoction being the raspberry & dark cacao.
Sharp, rich and refreshing, first impressions … I was dazzled!

For being dairy free the formula was ever so creamy and flavoursome.
This product also contains plant protein-10g to be precise, which can also be used as a small post-workout treat.

KIND | Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt

If you relish salted caramel this will probably be the closest you will get.
Since going dairy free I’ve really started to appreciate dark chocolate, (which I never thought I would say.

The almonds and peanuts combined with natural sea salt is absolutely jaw-dropping, satisfying crunch held within each bite.
I couldn’t recommend this one enough!

KIND | Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt

Satisfying my sweet tooth to the core, this is something I would have for desert.
The MOST delicious snack bar I have EVER come across, and I still can’t believe it’s dairy free!

I can fully enjoy this without any repercussions, (thank you KIND for existing).
The main benefit of this product is that it’s packed with fibre, tremendous for bowel movements! (Anybody constipated? Eat this bad boy)

Nākd | Peanut Delight

What can I say I’m addicted to peanuts … To be perfectly honest it’s the main ingredient which is supporting me through cutting out dairy.

The flavour is brilliant, but it’s slightly drying (which is washed away with a drink of water).
Eat this snack alongside your breakfast or lunch and feel guilty free.

Sign off

I hope this blog post has helped you find alternatives to snacking without reaching for naughty treats … For example Pringles!
These are my top 5 snack bars, which always make their way beside my breakfast or lunch.

Please give these a go, I promise you won’t regret it!
See you soon!

Love Amy x

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