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Welcome back! It’s been a couple of days but I’m making an appearance today.
Luckily for you I will be presenting a new love in my life … Guilt free treats which are both gluten and dairy free!

After recently stumbling across Livia’s Kitchen via Instagram, I was in awe with the array of product offerings.
Needless to say I ordered more than enough of these scrumptious biccy boms.

Before I placed an order online I managed taste these boms prior to purchase.
It happened to fall on a day I was feeling sorry for myself, treading down the freefrom asle I saw this peeking through.
I recognised the brand and thought to give it a try, worst case scenario Chris would demolish it.

Primarily, I was pleasantly surprised by the sheer size of the bom! The snack pack provides 2 biccys , (which is more than enough).
After chowing down I was in pure bliss, the crunchy biscuit surrounded in creamy chocolate was heavenly.
Situated in the middle is a date gooey surprise, the flavours merging together created the ultimate dreamy desert.

After munching these biccy boms I made the decision to order these online, retailing for £15 I knew it was worth the splurge.
For £15 you get 3 sharing bags, (equivalent to 18 biccy boms).
From the day I ordered these (11/03/19) I received constant updates on my package until it landed on my doorstep this morning.
Not only was the service sensational, but the product itself is utterly breathtaking.

I’m finally able to relish a sweet treat without my stomach exploding.
I can assure you I will be purchasing more from Livia’s Kitchen soon!
Although, I would also like to mention this post is NOT sponsored and these items were NOT gifted; I purchased these products with my own money.

If you are interested in biccy boms or want to find out more information about Livia’s Kitchen, click the link below.

Sign off:

I do hope you look into my recommendation! If you can’t bear to risk spending £15 online, I purchased the snack pack in my local Sainsbury’s for £1.50.
Have a wonderful day and I will see you soon!

Biccy Boms | £15

Love Amy x

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