I’m Amy McGuire, a 21 year old ghost living her best life.
I occasionally upload YouTube videos, but prefer sharing my life though text. 

My blog has enabled me to create the perfect safe space, a form of escapism which entitles me to portray my: creations, emotions and lifestyle. 
Everything I’ve ever accomplished can be pinpointed on various blog posts. 

Even my darkest moments. 
Since 2010 I’ve been completely open about my battle with mental illness, specifically anxiety and depression. 
I’ve done that as a form of expression … It brings me comfort knowing that I can log onto my computer and write to my hearts content. 
But, what aids me more is that it could help you … The one reading these very words.
That melts my heart more-so. The overall goal of this blog is to create a safe space for people on the internet, whether that be through a simple make-up review, healthy food or jumbled words splattered on a page due to my mental illnesses. 

Love Amy x