Hello, for once I wanted to include a picture of me smiling … Believe me it’s a rare sight!

I’m Amy McGuire, a 21 year old ghost living her best life.

I occasionally upload YouTube videos but I prefer sharing my life though text, forever being an awkward individual, I find it easier to express my emotions through my keyboard rather than verbally, (but I’m also improving). I’ve always been a creative individual that shares a passion for not only writing, but illustrations, reading and photography.
My blog has enabled me to create what I love and maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle, portraying all the good, bad and the ugly.
I still suffer with major anxiety and depression, but blogging has been my therapist, I don’t believe in anti-depressants, (for myself), they’ve only made me worse, talking it out and surrounding myself with people I love is my medication.
I’m due to be married to a full-time nerd, (who I adore very much).
No ones life is perfect, but all you can do is have fun :).

Love Amy x x x